Take A Look Behind The Most Exclusive Award Show Afterparties

When you sit down to watch the Academy Awards or the Grammys what do you look out for?

See, we’re the types of weirdos that have a group text during the Oscars with comments like, “Did you catch that hot mic”, or “Who do you think they’re using for those video back drops?” or “Why isn’t there any love for Best Production Design?”

Last week’s Golden Globes kicked off the season of watching obscenely rich and attractive people congratulate each other for hours at a time on stage (see, Ricky Gervais’s Golden Globes performance got to me). Mark your calendar- the Grammys are just around the corner on January 27th and the Academy Awards follow soon after on February 10th. There’s not much time to rest here. 

As you might imagine, the event planning scene in L.A. is in overdrive at the moment getting everything prepped for these two really high-profile events and their glitzy afterparties. Let’s take a brief look at some of the event planners and event management companies, venues, and considerations  involved in throwing afterparties at this caliber.

The Governor’s Ball by Sequoia Productions

We know for a fact that The Governor’s Ball is going to be thrown by Sequoia Productions who have been tricking out this exclusive event for the night’s winners and nominees for nearly 30 years

Governors Ball

The ball is typically held at the Ray Dolby Ballroom, adjacent to the theatre where the main event is held. There are a handful of companies involved in making this event completely off-the-wall (see the above link) but in past years, the pastries and catering have been covered by such no-names as Wolfgang Puck and Gordon Ramsey. We’re still looking out for how this year’s ball is shaping up but, I mean, if there aren’t 800 lobsters this year it just doesn’t seem worth it. I may just turn down my invite and spend that night washing my hair.

The Vanity Fair Oscar Party by Cornucopia Events

According to Vanity Fair, Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party is one of the longest standing and most exclusive afterparties for the evening. I’m being snarky, but truthfully Vanity Fair always throws an opulent super-exclusive afterparty full of A-listers and other people of significant influence in Hollywood. This year’s afterparty is organized by Cornucopia Events from the UK.

Vanity Fair Oscar Party by Cornucopia Events

For a measly sum of $52,000 you too can attend the Vanity Fair after party. You just have to be willing to put on a tie (there’s always a catch!).

The Grammys Official Afterparty by The Recording Academy

As far as the Grammys go – the official party is an in-house production handled by the Recording Academy themselves. According to Branden Chapman, the overseer of all the major Recording Academy events prior to and immediately after the awards ceremony, the event will be hosted at the Los Angeles Convention Center for nominees, awards winners and other ‘who’s whos’ of the pop music world. The theme of this year’s afterparty has yet to be officially announced, but last year’s theme was French Masquerade. Admittedly it’s tough to get a good look at the party because all these random celebrities get in the way.

Grammys Official Afterparty by The Recording Academy

We highly suggest you check out that interview of Branden Chapman to read about the planning procedures for the event. It’s an interesting and deeply stressful read.

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