Creativity is a critical component in event planning. We don’t do bland. We believe the mark of a solid event manager is the ability to make an inspired, original experience and our stacked, in-house Creative Department does just that. We’re not just talking about the big picture stuff. Consistency and attention to minor details often make an event level up from average to exceptional.

Regardless of the project, we create high quality content and materials tailored to engage your audience.



Looking for a refresh, or something completely new?  We love this stuff!  Let us help.

Presentation is everything. We’ll make sure you have a sharp, professionally designed layout that celebrates your brand’s image.

Want to stand out in a sea of exhibitors?  Talk to us about creative designs and ideas to engage prospects.

Take your show on the road.  We’ve wrapped buses, food trucks, and cars. Need brand ambassadors too?  Yeah, we can handle that!

Ensure the background visuals elevate you and your message. 

The nature of events can get to feeling like a futile loop of, “set-up/take down,” so we’re always stoked to get to build things that will stick around a little longer.

Decibel is a member of the Event Safety Alliance and holds Certificate of Completion for the  2019 ESA Crowd Safety Symposium.

We bring the right gear, from the right provider, and marry that a proven network of skilled event professionals and technicians, tailored to your event. 

A live event is an orchestra.  It needs a conductor with the experience, talent and steely nerves to ensure it’s working in harmony.

It’s the best way to show our clients an idea.  We can assist with any of your 3D visualization needs.

As the world gets more virtual, nothing beats a live, in-the-flesh, engagement.  Albert Einstein said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.”  You gonna argue with him?