Decibel Podcast

Greetings everyone! We’re proud to announce that this week we’re launching the Decibel podcast. We hope to bring you a series of rich (but brief, we all have stuff to do) round table discussions between Decibel and industry leaders to discuss emergent trends and challenges in the events industry.

Here’s what to expect from our debut:

In last week’s blog post we offered a run down of the major event cancellations that have occurred due to COVID-19’s effects in the US and Europe. In only a week the situation has escalated faster than any of us could have expected. The entire nation of Italy is on lockdown. A staggering, 8 states have now declared states of emergency and schools across the United States are imposing short-term, and even semester-long closures

Major events like Facebook’s F8 Summit and Google’s I/O Summit have been put on hold. Even SXSW, whose organizers held out as long as possible, was canceled last week despite approval from Austin’s Public Health Board due to social panic and the loss of major presenters like Netflix. With major Instagram-oriented and occasionally music-oriented events like Indio’s Coachella already receiving public pressure to cancel their events in early April (it’s been postponed), we expect COVID-19’s influence on the live events industry to echo through at least the Spring and Summer. Remember that even after the virus is successfully contained, it will still take time for public confidence in public events to return.

While we believe social panic is a key influencer in these cancelations, we understand the public’s concern for their well-being and are here to offer solutions to companies who still have events goals this year. We are NOT approaching COVID-19 like a crisis, and are instead approaching it as one of many possible technical or tactical challenges that companies should account for in the planning stages of an event.

Your brand can still capture attention. There are still a number of ways you can hold events and get your message out without compromising the safety of your staff or the public. In fact, this is an opportunity for your brand to build up a robust online event strategy as the industry has been slowly moving in that direction for several years anyway.

We are joined in this week’s podcast to discuss events solutions for the COVID-19 outbreak by our own David Sonntag and Dan Lamphier, PM for the AV company CMI. Keep a lookout for the recording to drop later this week!