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The Decade of Decibel

2017 is a big year for us. Over the past ten years, we’ve produced, managed, and staffed countless events, building our expertise in the large-scale event industry. Above that, we’ve built a reliable network of vendors, venues, and a hardworking staff to make all this

Life of an Event Prof: #NatBookFest Breakdown

Last week, we wrapped up one of our flagship events, The Library of Congress National Book Festival. It was our eighth year managing this event, and while we’re veterans, we’re always looking for new ways to accommodate a bigger audience and out-do ourselves from the

Winter is Coming: Best Indoor Venues for Winter Events

Winter is coming. In the event management business, it’s in our nature to be two seasons ahead. As consumers are enjoying those outdoor summer brand activations, our heads are down planning. We’ve scoped out the best venues for your upcoming winter meetings and events in

Bad Ass Summer Brand Activations

Brands are hyping up summer 2017 with traveling treadmills, tequila, stunt doubles, and engaging consumers along the way. Here are our favorite brand activations of this summer (so far).    Patron the Summer Tour  We’re big tequila drinkers at Decibel Management (especially after a successful

Making Events Great: Episode 1

During Talk West Episode 1, Ann Marie Taepke, Walk West Director of Digital Media, met with our CEO, Dave Sonntag, to discuss his expertise in the world of event management. Dave shares his insight on what works best, the importance of preparation, and the key

Top 3 Experiential Marketing Campaigns of 2017 (Thus Far)

Experiential marketing. Engagement marketing. On-ground marketing. Event marketing. Whatever you want to call it, can be very successful – if done right. The goal of experiential marketing is to form a memorable connection between the consumer and the brand to make a lasting impression, influence