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National Book Festival 2019: Parade of the States

Follow this link for some great insight, tips and insider info for what to expect at the Parade of the States at the 2019 National Book Festival. And if you ever wonder why they call it the “Parade” of the States: “It’s a parade, as

Decibel and The National Small Business Week Awards

Last month Decibel Management produced one of our flagship events in Washington D.C., the National Small Business Week Awards. Since this is the Decade of Decibel, we thought it might be nice to take a deeper look at this event, seeing as our partnership with SCORE and

Audience Engagement: A Trend To Watch…Literally.

While 2018 may only be in its infancy, we have already seen some amazing productions take place. The first few months of this year have played host to some of the largest global events in the industry. One trend we here at Decibel Management are

2018 Event Predictions

We’re all looking to gain insight into 2018 forecasts, trends, and predictions for event management upgrades. As in years past, challenges abound when creating engaging events that excite and delight attendees, in a format (whatever that may be) that is seamless and fail proof. Decibel