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Music Licensing for Live Events

…and the Decibel December Mix Tape It should go without saying that music is an important part of any event. It quite literally sets the tone. You know for example, not to throw on a Slayer mixtape at a silent auction unless it’s on the

Mobile and Experiential Event Outlook

As we get to the end of the year, many of our clients are in 2020 and beyond planning mode. Looking at what is new and different in the industry, staying ahead of trends, looking for new products and services that are available and just

Press Coverage: 2019 National Book Festival

Press Coverage for the 2019 National Book Festival New York Times‘I Am on My Way to Being Very Well,’ Justice Ginsburg Tells Thousands of Fans’ WRC-TV (NBC)19th Annual National Book Festival Draws Tens of Thousands of Book Lovers C-SPAN *VIDEO*My Own Words – Supreme Court

Decibel Combats Textile Waste by Upcycling

Decibel is getting some love from the Trade Show News Network! Looking forward to seeing more reuse and upcycling in the industry. Especially after tradeshows, when we often see brand new prints end up in the landfill. We would much rather upcycle them into promotional