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Congrats Clairemont!

Congrats to our friend Dana Hughens and her team over at Clairemont Communications on today’s NCPRSA InSpire Awards.

Multi Axis Camera Jib

So it may be a foregone conclusion, but it seems that some of the event work we do at Decibel does follow us home. Check out the multi-axis camera jib after the jump

Royal Wedding

There are thousands of pieces that go into an event this size, and from the coverage, it certainly looked as if they nailed them all.

Blank Canvas

It ended up taking a week, and a few minor miracles, but we were able to get our new summer road show vehicle to the fabricator. I must hand it to both Utilimaster and Whitney over at Polaris who helped pull this off! A few

Stage Set- André Chénier

This is a bit out of the norm for a dB Blog post, but thought it was worth sharing. I don’t know many details, but this is a stunning stage set and production on Lake Constance in Austria. Love the creativity and talent shown here.