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Give Your Next Livestream Presentation Some Professional Flair.

We’ve got a cool article today expanding on last week’s topic of pulling off a professional-looking livestream. While last week we gave you a broad overview of all the variables you should account for in your Zoom presentations, this week we’re taking a more focused look on

6-Point Strategy for Transitioning Your Live Event Online

Well, here we are again. Now that we’re all hunkered down in our toilet paper forts, we figured it’s time to stop contributing to mass panic with reports of event cancellations. If panic is your thing, feel free to turn on cable news or google

Decibel Podcast

Greetings everyone! We’re proud to announce that this week we’re launching the Decibel podcast. We hope to bring you a series of rich (but brief, we all have stuff to do) round table discussions between Decibel and industry leaders to discuss emergent trends and challenges

Navigating COVID-19

This was inevitable.  Here we are again to talk about COVID-19 (the coronavirus that originated in Wuhan in mid-December).  While the major city and province-wide quarantines implemented by China bought the world some time to prepare, the virus is now on the loose worldwide, leading to quarantines, school closures

Do Ya Dada?

In our January newsletter we talked a bit about the fun we’re having with all the new material available in the public domain. To recap, January 1st is a non-holiday called Public Domain Day, in which a whole year’s worth of content suddenly becomes up for