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How to Make a Splash in Your Next Livestream

You’ve got your lighting down. Your audio is perfect. Zoom no longer intimidates you. You’re ready. It’s time to take this show to a public audience. Let’s talk about livestreaming. First of all, there are tons and tons of livestreaming platforms out there and they all kind of

The NFL Went Big *and* Stayed Home

The NFL’s fully virtual 2020 draft wrapped up yesterday. For anyone who doesn’t “do sports,” a pro draft is a lot like picking kickball teams in middle school gym class but instead of friendships there are multi-million-dollar contracts on the line. Under normal circumstances this

The Search for a New Greeting(s)

Anthony Fauci recommends against handshaking ever again. He’s got a good point. Handshakes aren’t that much different from coughing into someone’s mouth in terms of germ transmission. As part of our ongoing coverage of COVID-19’s effect on the events industry, this week we offer you a handful of

THE EVENT HORIZON. What Happens Next?

Is it too early to try and imagine what events will be like after the shelter-at-home orders have been lifted? Probably. We’re hoping that question doesn’t age like milk. But there’s no harm in doing a bit of informed speculation. What else is going on

5 Virtual Events to Watch this April

Federal authorities and most states have extended their social distancing or shelter-at-home order through April 30th, which means…we have at least another full month of witnessing the virtual events industry transform and develop. That’s called “silver lining,” everyone. So, this week we present to you 5