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Virtual Event Roundup: Our recap of 3 recent online events

Virtual Event Roundup 2020

So, here we are with some good news to close out 2020!  There are not one but TWO vaccines primed for widespread distro in 2021 and after some light hijinks it looks like one old white dude will ultimately succeed the other old white dude

So, NFL, About that COVID plan...

So NFL, About that COVID Plan

You know what?  Let’s talk about sports.  That’s a nice safe topic right?  Can we all just be chill and talk about the NFL for a few minutes without anything bad happening?  Can we just have that, universe? We spent the summer watching the various

Lollapalooza said ????to COVID-19 and ????to music.

How Did Lollapalooza’s Virtual Festival Pan Out? So, this hasn’t exactly been a great year for music festivals.  Coachella’s annual April festival was delayed to Octoberand other big destination fests like Stagecoach, Bonnaroo, and SXSW were canceled outright in the Spring. That’s why we were surprised to learn on July 27th

We’re Hiring: Social Media Specialist

Hey there, job seeker. We’re a DC-area event management and production agency looking for a part-time social media specialist to handle our social content, accounts and strategy, as well as keep up with SEO, paid ads and general updates to our website. You should also

Virtual DNC

Virtual Democratic National Convention

FINALLY. It’s political convention season. Doesn’t it seem like this campaign has been going on for our entire lives?  But seeing as the United States remains in the throes of COVID’s first wave, how will the conventions function? What will happen to all the red,

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

We said that things wouldn’t go “back to normal” after COVID-19, but when we used that phrase countless times over the course of the Spring, we were really referring to crowd control and public health management. At the present, it seems we’re taking the “new