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Negotiating Event Contracts In a Post-Covid World

Les Goldberg talks with Cindy Lo from Red Velvet, Tim Glanzer from Elevated Meetings Solutions, David Sonntag from Decibel Event Management and Wendy Drake from The Webster Group about negotiating the contract in a post-Covid world.

Lessons for PR Agencies on taking live events viral

We love seeing great art installations, and wanted to take the time to recommend the In America: Remember flags exhibit on the National Mall. Developed by Suzanne Firstenberg, this exhibit honors the 650,000 Americans that have died from COVID-19.  Some great lessons can be learned

2021 Emmy Awards Reviewed- Hits and Misses

Did you catch the 2021 Emmy awards ceremony this Sunday? We have fairly strong opinions here at Decibel about the production, and curious your own thoughts about the broadcast. Tl;dr tight shot was rubbish but we are encouraged to see live events happen safely.  

NBC’s Olympics - The Technology Behind The Triumphs

NBC’s Olympics – The Technology Behind The Triumphs

With 180 commentators covering over 7000 hrs of footage, NBC’s coverage of the Tokyo Olympics was the largest of any media organization. While relying somewhat on the Olympic Broadcasting Service, NBC also provided a lot of its own infrastructure and team, including over 3000 employees

Setting the Stage for NBC’s Tokyo Olympics

Setting the Stage for NBC’s Tokyo Olympics

While much can be said about the technology and logistics behind NBC’s coverage of the delayed 2020 Olympics, more could be said about the incredible work performed by the set designers, those geniuses at HD Studio, Planar, and Blackwalnut. The people behind the sets of

Tokyo Olympics - By the Numbers (for Event Geeks)

Tokyo Olympics – By the Numbers (for Event Geeks)

The Tokyo Olympics may be the largest audio-visual event to ever be broadcast around the world. With many events running without live audiences and even family members of competitors having to stay home because of the pandemic, Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) were faced with one