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dB Blog #319: Events to Check out This Quarter (Q1 2022)

Welcome to 2022. The year in which New York professor Ferdinand Shuller predicted, 100 years ago in 1922, that restaurants would offer self-serving tables with meals rising from kitchens one floor below. While that specific prediction has not panned out (at least as far as

Elevating the Ambiance: 5 Awesome Ideas for New Year’s Eve Events

  We don’t do boring. Event management requires a high level of creativity. The ability to create inspired, original experiences is the mark of a competent and compelling event management team. At Decibel, we do exactly that. We’re not simply talking about big-picture issues here.

The Corporate Holiday Party: Pulling It Off in Six Weeks

The holidays last year looked a whole lot different than it usually looks. The frequent family gatherings were non-existent (or virtual). The mall Santas weren’t taking kids’ Christmas wish lists by the thousands. School recitals, neighborhood caroling, midnight masses, the local production of A Christmas