Best Event Branding & Collateral: a June Roundup

First impressions are kind of a big deal, and event branding counts as a first impression. The beauty and usefulness of programs, maps, badges – all the pieces of detritus that attendees are handed the minute they walk in the door – constitute a collective statement of purpose and intention by the organizers. We love ogling killer examples of event branding, because we know we’re not just looking at pretty artwork, we’re looking at a dedication to detail. Here’s a tip of the hat to four events and designers that really nailed it. 

Best Event Collateral Design

Now Happenings Festival

Designed by Rocio Fernandez, the Argentinian NOW Happenings festival collateral tacks down the tone of the event instantly: avant and highly artistic, an event for creatives and thinkers.

Event Production Blog: Best Event Colalteral Design

Launch Tradeshow

The Launch Tradeshow collateral set by San Diego’s Wedge and Lever, say “Organizers of an all-new, California-based lifestyle apparel Trade show contracted us to create a complete identity that would give the Launch Trade show a refined look and feel for its debut.” And that they did, with a fresh, beachy theme.

Event Production Blog: Event Graphic Design

Yay Festival

The Yay Festival is all about the thrum of raw creativity, an energy reflected in the primordial riot of jungle colors and driving brush strokes of their palette and font. Created by Snask from Stockholm, Sweden.


British Independent Film Festival

From the creator, Sam Lane: “…the idea was to create something innovative that would grab attention and connect with the British Public instantly in order to promote the Festival and Independent Film in Great Britain. This was achieved through the use of a bold colour scheme along with a copy-led campaign that has a very ‘tounge-in-cheek’ British approach to it.”