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Our focus this week is the rapidly growing field of wearable technology and how it can make your next event an exciting, cutting edge affair. While we’re not quite at the point where I can trust a t-shirt to screen my calls or renew my Hulu subscription,...

As you’re making your last minute game-day dip selections and 60-inch TV purchases, there’s a group of brave people who have been prepping for this Super Bowl Sunday since last year. Spoiler alert: It’s not any member of the Falcons or the Patriots. No, for...

It's not an uncommon complaint in the event management industry that you never get everything you want out of your event registration software - it seems like you're always heavily compromising somewhere. But there's an up-and-coming event registration system looking to change that by taking an innovative, research-driven approach to the technology. We sat down with Asaf Darash, CEO at Regpack and an all-around smart dude, to talk about how his software is changing the face of event registration.
So what is RFID, exactly? I could tell you that "RFID" stands for "Radio-Frequency Identification", but that doesn't clear things up much. Basically, RFID is the technology that makes your touch-and-go credit cards work. RFID sends out a little data signal that can be read at a short distance by RFID readers. Do you have a public transportation card that you touch to a turnstile to gain access to a bus or subway? There's probably an RFID chip in that card. Does your apartment complex have a card lock gate? RFID.