Check Out These Slick Wearable Tech Solutions for Your Next Event

Our focus this week is the rapidly growing field of wearable technology and how it can make your next event an exciting, cutting edge affair. While we’re not quite at the point where I can trust a t-shirt to screen my calls or renew my Hulu subscription, we are at an exciting innovative moment that is sure to change event planning in just a few short years.

In particular, we’ve looked into 3 different devices that have been rolled out specifically for the events industry. These wearables are intended to make on-site event management a breeze, and provide event attendees with means to navigate spaces and exchanging information effortlessly. They can also provide with valuable data on how much information is exchanged and which areas of your event received the most engagement.

These devices even lend themselves to gamification, a hot buzzword in the making that refers to providing special incentives and achievements to event attendees as they meet each other and engage aspects of your event.

And as a bonus each of these wearables are environmentally friendly. They’re reusable and most components in each are recyclable so there’s no need to worry about them languishing in a landfill forever. That’s some nice event greening for you!

So without further ado let’s check out the Klik system:

PixMob’s Klik system offers three different Bluetooth-enabled devices: a badge worn on a lanyard, a wrist band, and a button. All of these devices synchronize with each other and the Klik app, and all of these devices have plenty of empty real estate to showcase event and sponsor logos.

Klik lets your event managers handle registration quickly and easily. It allows them to update and change schedules and send that info to all your attendees in an instant. For your attendees, it provides an easy way to exchange contact information or provide instant alerts across a whole convention center. It can even allow attendees to receive notes from a discussion panel or a trade show participant. All it takes is a single swipe.


Here’s a peak at the badges. They look like souped up versions of that pager you get at Panera Bread when you’re waiting for a bread bowl to blow your daily calories.

The Klik family is also unbelievably low maintenance. They hold a charge for days and are rugged enough to withstand some abuse without incident. Think of Klik like Ron Popeil’s Rotisserie – set it and forget it.

I hope that reference resonated. I promised myself years ago that I would never get old and I think this is skirting the line. Let’s press on. 

Event Farm’s EFx wristbands bear a lot of similarities to Klik. The EFx is a wristband system that communicates directly with an EFx app and allows any user to instantaneously exchange or collect information. They’re also fully customizable with any brand logo. 

EFx’s wristband tech also allows you to set up payment systems for your guests to swipe their money away on impulse, and provides architecture in the app to manage product pickup. Want an easy way to make sure everyone at your open bar is supposed to be there? EFx has it under control.

We’ve mentioned these PEEX earpieces in our article on SXSW panels but we’ll go a little more in depth on their utility here.

These special earpieces are backed by Elton John, and have been rolled out for special testing and promotion on his current farewell tour. There are two things you need to know. First, this wearable tech streams high quality audio with extremely low latency. That means in a live setting you won’t notice any lag between what you’re seeing and hearing. Second, each setup also comes with its own equalizer that you control from your phone, which means any individual will be able to tune the sound of live or recorded audio to their personal preference.

Now, these completely make sense in a music context. If I’m at an Elton John gig and my man kicks in to ‘Tiny Dancer’ all I want is a crisp, clear listening experience free of surrounding color commentary and sing-alongs. The guy behind me that’s 4 beers in, loudly describing his memories of “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” on an 8-track is interesting but doesn’t really add to the magic of the moment, does it?

But we also see a number of creative non-musical applications for these devices. As opposed to expecting your audience to be seated in a room for a panel discussion, what if they could roam about freely with the option of tuning in or out at their pleasure? What if you did away with PA’s and allowed your audience to control and customize their listening experiences from their seats? Think of how easy it would be to make quick and easy announcements or provide additional information about your trade show straight to attendees. It also doesn’t hurt that these gizmos look a lot cooler than Apple Airpods.

While you should definitely give wearables some serious consideration, remember not to fall into the trap that Google did with Google Glass 6 years back. Your audiences will be happy to have a very quick registration, an easy way to exchange or receive information, and they’ll very likely be cool with you taking anonymous stats on how users navigated your event, but they won’t want to be creeped on. Be upfront and honest with your audience about what to expect with this fun gear and I’m sure they’ll be psyched to be part of the futuristic experience.

Do you need some cool new tech at your next experiential event? Get it touch with us today and make that happen!

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