Top 5 New Gadgets and Technologies We’re Excited For As Event Managers

Top 5 New Gadgets and Technologies We’re Excited For As Event Managers

Earlier this year, Las Vegas played host to the largest tech conference of its kind, the Consumer Electronics Show 2018, or CES 2018 for short. The event showcases technology and cool gadgets, both real and conceptual, entering into the consumer realm. Here at Decibel Management, we’re also excited to embrace (and play with) new technology and see how we can implement it into the world of event management. We paid close attention to the news coming out of CES this year as well as other tech markets and here are some items we are looking forward to seeing change the events game.

1. Samsung’s “The Wall” Television

Come on. This is an easy one. A 146-inch micro-LED screen that is adaptive to its surroundings and has nearly endless customization features? Yes please. “The Wall” allows you to change the size and shape of the display, making customization of visuals and presentation limited only to your imagination. It can also mimic the area it is mounted to, allowing it to “disappear” from view or allow for more focused areas within the screen. Visuals are a fantastic way to gain engagement and attention at events and “The Wall” has the size for both main stage focus  and the discreetness for professional and intimate settings. Price tag: don’t-care-we-want-one USD.

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2. Laptop/Tablet Combo Computers

Going to be honest. We don’t think “combo computers” is the official name for these devices, but we liked the way it sounded. Essentially these are laptops that can convert and fold over to function as a touchscreen tablet. While this technology has been around for a few years, it is only now actually being perfected and made to be less clunky. Take Dell’s XPS 13 2-in-1 for example. It has a sleek design, is responsive and has great battery life. As event managers we are running around, like constantly. Being able to work on the go, while standing, lying down or trapped in a shipping container is essential and the 2-in-1 technology is making that easier. Now if only Apple would get on board.

3. Projection Phones

The headline says it all. These are phones that can project videos, pictures and media onto any surface. Again, small projection devices have existed for a few years but they are just now starting to live up to expectations. Look at the Movi Phone unveiled at CES 2018. It’s an Android smartphone that can project in beautiful 720p. Granted that’s no 1080p, but come on it’s literally shooting out of the back of your phone. As event managers, being on the road and having to respond quickly comes with the territory. Projection phones allow giving on the fly presentations or adding quick visuals to a space easy and relatively affordable.

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4. Augmented & Virtual Reality Technology

Augmented and virtual reality is on the rise in 2018 (or at least Steven Spielberg hopes it is) and has the potential to have a significant effect on the events industry. For the first time ever you don’t actually need to “attend” an event in order to be there. Hell, there doesn’t even need to be an actual event space anymore. Just strap on your virtual reality gear and suddenly you’re at the Bellagio for your company’s sales conference. The best part is that the equipment for this technology is pretty affordable too, with many AR and VR devices only costing a couple hundred dollars. Don’t get us wrong, we believe there is no substitute for true in-person engagement, but we are excited to see how this new technology will change the industry. At the very least it could make the conference calls between our D.C. and NC offices a little more entertaining

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5. Wireless Charging

We know. Charging your device does not sound as sexy as a 146-inch high-def modular TV from the gods (please someone buy us “The Wall”) but it’s a great example of a subtle technology that will change our lives as event managers. Companies like Powercast and Energous have developed technology that allows your devices to be charged wirelessly….THROUGH THE AIR. Imagine never having to be tethered to a wall again while
you’re late for a presentation but you need to send out that one last email so you don’t get fired and oh God your kid’s school is calling now, damnit what did Billy do this time. Well, this scenario could soon be a thing of the past, well at least the being tethered part, Billy is still a monster. At Decibel, we are seriously excited at the prospect of an entire event space being “charged.” All the attendees no longer having to fight over the two outlets in the venue, everyone happily snapping pictures, sending emails etc. while throwing caution to the wind over their power bar levels. Ahh.

Honorable Mention: Self Delivering Pizza Trucks
It’s a thing now and we don’t think this requires an explanation. Just hurry up and get to Washington, D.C. already.

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