2018 Event Predictions

2018 Event Predictions

We’re all looking to gain insight into 2018 forecasts, trends, and predictions for event management upgrades. As in years past, challenges abound when creating engaging events that excite and delight attendees, in a format (whatever that may be) that is seamless and fail proof.

Decibel Management has the rock-solid reputation of past successes, as well as some key lessons learned from past mistakes. We keep our eyes trained on new event trends to ensure that our clients’ and customers’ events remain buzz-worthy fodder for water cooler discussions.

We make a point to employ “the different” when it comes to networking, activities, and formats all meant to engage and delight, as well as tech advancements like AR and AI to enhance the human elements of your events. Event MB recently released a report on 2018 trends to look out for, which we’ve catalogued here into Event Tech, Event Design, Social Media and Event Experiences.

Event Tech
Eventually, if not 2018, facial recognition software will add value to future events is through the power to read individual or group emotions, understanding how your customers feel by detecting and measuring facial expressions. It has the power to quickly capture demographics, record the attention span of an audience and help to understand what motivates and grabs their attention. Goodbye post-event surveys!

AR and AI will gain traction. Augmented reality and artificial intelligence were highlighted as two key technologies to keep an eye on. Experience new, computer-generated environments through virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality tools, which prove how VR can amplify engagement. Amplifying engagement is the theme of next year.

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Design and Decor
More meetings and events are predicted to be taking place outdoors in 2018. This certainly changes design and decor trends, as we’re seeing outdoor table settings, unique structures, elegant lighting that fits with an outdoor venue space. 2018 is also predicted to outgrow #PointlessPlastics. Consumers want sustainability, so event managers are doing away with plastic straws and other unnecessary one-time use plastics. Go green.

And go gold. Gold is shining to the top for event design and decor for 2018. Of course, seasonality will affect color palettes that are being used, but the prediction is that gold will come out on top, as a supporting color or as a staple.

Event Experiences
It’s no secret that events took a focus on providing guests with experiences this past year. We no longer just want to sit in a conference room or a dining area; we want something to remember. As event managers, this adds a whole new aspect of creating thoughtful activations and experiential marketing. We know how small the human attention span is, and we’re continuing to combat it with event experiences in 2018.

Social Media
Providing an experience to your event-goers is important, but you can’t forget about your audience in the digital space. Treat your audience with some behind-the-scenes looks into the event and making your digital audience feel like they are part of something. Live tweeting, livestreaming, 360-degree images and videos – 2018 is coming for you.

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As event managers, we’re naturally versatile, scrappy, and always looking ahead for the next possible opportunity. It’s one of the many reasons our motto is, “Yeah, we can handle that.” Bring it on, 2018.

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