Bad Ass Summer Brand Activations

Bad Ass Summer Brand Activations

Brands are hyping up summer 2017 with traveling treadmills, tequila, stunt doubles, and engaging consumers along the way. Here are our favorite brand activations of this summer (so far).   

Patron the Summer Tour 

Patron summer tour

We’re big tequila drinkers at Decibel Management (especially after a successful event), so this one is our favorite. The Patron the Summer Tour is traveling around the US and UK from May to August with top-notch bartenders to whip up some summer inspired tequila cocktails. Aside from a truck load of their tequila, Patron is also bringing a GIF booth, bikes that blend your margaritas when you peddle, and Patron popsicles to their visiting cities. We couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday.

More Than Miles Tour by lululemon

lululemon More Than Miles tour
The More than Miles Tour by lululemon is bringing a truckload of their gear to select cities in the US and Canada….literally. Traveling in a Test Truck with a state-of-the-art treadmill to connect with running communities. Runners can test out the treadmill in lululemon gear and keep the clothes when they’re done with their on-site workout. Most of the onsite staff at Decibel Management swear by lulu for our own gigs, so we’re hoping their next truck stop is in Raleigh or D.C.

Coca Cola Beach Campaign

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 4.26.11 PM

Coca Cola surprised Ipanema Beach goers last to promote their latest packaging with some free cans. And by “some”, we mean 500. In a massive block of ice that weighed 8 tons. Pretty impressive stuff. Beach goers were seen breaking the ice with beach toys to get their can of Coke in a time when they wanted it most. A+ Coke.

Spiderman Starbucks

Spiderman Starbucks prank

Spiderman gets his fuel from somewhere. The release of the new Spiderman movie already has been producing a lot of buzz, but we have to give New York agency Thinkmodo the credit for this one. At participating Starbucks stores, Spiderman drops from the ceiling to retrieve his coffee order, but scaring the shit out of customers in the process. If you liked this one, check out their recent Hum Rider campaign.

NesCafe Hello Bench

NesCafe hello bench

Breaking the ice is never easy. Publicis teamed up with Nescafe and developed the hello bench as a way to initiate conversation between strangers. The activation included a shrinking bench, free coffee and a nudge in the right direction. This shifty bench gets smaller as two people sit on it – cue conversation starter.

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