8 Bad Ass Products You Need For Events from CES 2017

8 Bad Ass Products You Need For Events from CES 2017

When you’re a kid, wonderment can be found around every corner. When you’re an adult, there are three main places you can go to experience that same childlike rush of awesomeness: Disneyland, Legoland and CES.

Unlike Disneyland, the magic displayed at CES is real; and unlike Legoland, it isn’t larger than life, it is life. These are the futuristic, cutting-edge products straight out of The Jetsons – and they’re right here, right now. (Or at least in prototype.)

The Consumer Electronics Show featured 3,800 companies showing off products in a record 2.6 million net square feet of exhibit space with gadgets ranging from the brilliant to the fucking insane. So, we’ve rounded up our favorites for rock star event professionals. Take a look:

Razer Project Valerie – Triple-Screen Laptop

Razer Project Valerie - 3-Screen Laptop from CES 2017

(Photo Credit: Razer)

Razer has created the world’s first portable laptop with triple monitors. The additional screens are built-in and fold back into a 17-inch laptop case to take on the go. Unlike most laptops, it’s a 12-pounder, but has a top-of-the-line graphics card and technology to date.

It may be meant for gamers, we’re imagining the Project Valerie used in a command center overlooking your event floor. Even at 12 pounds, it would be easier to lug around than your laptop and two monitors when you need extra screen space to quickly and efficiently manage your next main stage. Unfortunately, this bad boy is only a prototype for now and isn’t for sale…yet. Our credit card is ready, Razer. Just say the word.

Smart Shoes from Under Armour

As if we didn’t love them enough already, Under Armour has won our hearts again. Smart Shoes have been tracking running speed and cadence for about a year now, but this new update takes the cake. Jump six times in a row, and Smart Shoes 3.0 will measure how tired you are, letting you know if you’re ready to run, need a break, or need an extra warm-up. Now if only they could design a smart shoe with a built in foot massager for those endless event days on the trade show floor. 4.0 release, pretty please?

Samsung Gear VR 4D Experience

Samsung Gear VR 4D Gyro Experience

(Photo Credit: Samsung)

One of the most popular demos at #CES2017 was the Samsung Gear VR 4D Gyro Experience. It had people seeing, hearing and FEELING the thrills of a space race. The line for this ride was super long, but also super worth it. Building a custom amusement park ride on your show floor really ups the ante for VR, and it wasn’t the only virtual reality demo Samsung brought either, they had quite an impressive lineup! We’re big on VR over here at dB, and can’t wait to see where this technology will take us in the near future.


(Photo Credit: Steve Marcus/Reuters)

(Photo Credit: Steve Marcus/Reuters)

LG is known for showing everyone up at CES, but they really outdid themselves with this stunning LG OLED TV Tunnel display. The TV Tunnel was a totally immersive display that transported you to another world, without the need for a virtual reality headset. It’s made up of 216 55-inch LG OLED 4K TVs, working insync to display spectacular views of the solar system, jellyfish, whales and other astounding images.

While this display is showcasing the outstanding abilities of LG TVs, we can see this TV Tunnel being used at a variety of different events. Right off the top of our heads? We’re thinking red carpet movie premiere entrance. Boom. You’re welcome.

Kanex MultiSync Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

Here’s a smaller, simpler, yet super helpful device spotted at CES 2017. The Kanex MultiSync folding keyboard is an uber portable keyboard that connect to any of your devices by Bluetooth. Event days are long and fast-paced, and the last thing you need slowing you down is slowing punching out an email on your smartphone. Whip out this bad boy and you’ll get that email done in half the time, assuming you can type on a keyboard faster than you can text, that is.

The best part? The keys really compress just like those laptop keys you know and love. Bonus: it retails for just $50.

BACTrack Skyn – World’s First Wearable Alcohol Monitor

BACtrack Wearable Breathalyzer at CES 2017

(Photo Credit: BACtrack)

There’s nothing quite like enjoying an ice cold adult beverage after working a long event day. (Truth be told, we prefer Don Julio to Dos Equis, but don’t tell The Most Interesting Man in the World.) Chances are if you don’t have another early call time, you’ll need to be up early to catch a flight home, so monitoring your alcohol consumption is key. And that’s where BACtrack Skyn comes in.

BACtrack Skyn is the world’s first wearable alcohol monitor. While wearing the sleek BACtrack Skyn, you can learn when you’re approaching higher alcohol levels so you can make better decisions about when it’s time to call it a night. There are currently two working prototypes, a standalone wearable that goes around your wrist, or a band that integrates with your Apple Watch for seamless alcohol consumption tracking, continuously and in near real-time. Bottoms up.

Fossil Releasing More Than 300 Fashion Smart Watches in 2017

Fossil Smart Watches at CES 2017

(Photo Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET)

Move over, Apple Watch. Fossil Group is releasing a line of smartwatches this year, but promise to continue to focus on being fashion-first. So you can still look sharp while getting your emails, checking your event schedule, and tracking your steps.

There are over 300 connected watches to be released in 2017 from brands like Armani Exchange and Misfit, in addition to 2016’s brands – Kate Spade and Michael Kors, to name a few. Classy yet functional, that’s how #eventprofs roll.

Moshi’s Arcus Backpack

The Arcus Backpack may not be the flashiest item at CES, but it certainly is quite useful for hard-working, ridiculously good-looking event professionals like you and I. Described as the “clown car of backpacks” by CNET, this bag certainly has a place for everything. It can easily fit a DSLR camera and several lenses, as well as a 15” computer, tennis shoes, notebooks, cords, candy bars and more. It has a special crush-resistant compartment for your cell phone, glasses or other delicate items, as well a side water bottle holder to keep you properly hydrated.

The designers at Moshi said they wanted to create a backpack that they would actually use, and we can honestly say we would be happy to use this one.

What did we miss that could be useful in our event management corner of the universe? Get at us on Twitter at @decibelevent or on Instagram at @DecibelManagement and let us know!

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