Four Cool Auto-Industry Experiential Marketing & Activations

Four Cool Auto-Industry Experiential Marketing & Activations

We’re on a car kick this month – that deconstructive shallow dive into the intricacies of auto unveilings turned up a lot of good stuff, including a long list of experiential campaigns by auto manufacturers from which we’ve picked out four of the best.

Event Production Blog: Great Auto Industry Experiential Campaigns

The Kia Dream Chute

You remember when you were a kid, and you couldn’t understand grown-ups and their stupid architectural decisions? Like, if you owned a house, why would you choose to build a living room where a giant ball pit could be? And Why O Why would you not build a water slide from your bedroom window into the pool? Kia gets it, man. That’s why they built a huge two-story slide in London’s Westfield Shopping Center to celebrate the launch of the 2014 Kia Soul, a car that hasn’t forgotten how to have a little fun. The Dream Chute was equipped with a camera that snapped shots of everyone’s slide-ride O-face, which visitors were offered as souvenirs.

Pong made out of Smart Cars

Imagine you’re a Daimler smart car. Everyone loves your idea. They just… they just can’t get past your lack of sex appeal. They can’t see past your good girl exterior to the whip-cracking, garter-wearing party girl you are. BBDO to the rescue.

“BBDO created this experiential event for car-maker Daimler to showcase their new electric car at the Frankfurt Auto Show. They created an interactive version of the classic arcade ‘pong’ replacing the paddles with cars. Members of the public got to play the game and experience the driving fun of an electric car in an interactive way.”

Event Production Blog: Auto Industry Experiential Marketing

2014 Toyota Corolla Launch

Sometimes you just gotta blow the lid off everything and get fancy. Liquid nitrogen cocktails. Roasted pork belly with licorice grits. New cars floating down out of the clouds. No, really, get a load of this Wolves of Wall Street madness: “As a finale to the spectacular performance, a 2014 Corolla descended from the ceiling…” Also acrobats, I guess? I’m not sure if this qualifies as “experiential” but it definitely qualifies as an experience.

Audi Spheres Project

Augmented reality, video walls, touch screens – this future-and-then-some installation is basically a Holodeck that lets participants interact with the future of the Audi brand.

“The interactive exhibition, Audi Sphere, was launched in front of Christiansborg Palace, the seat of the Danish Parliament in Copenhagen. In three large spheres visitors can experience key aspects of Audi’s cutting edge technology: Audi ultra, … Audi e-tron, … and Audi connect – a networking strategy for all Audi vehicles.”

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