5 Activations that turned Napping into Experiential Marketing

5 Activations that turned Napping into Experiential Marketing

Sleep as the core concept behind a brand activation isn’t easy to pull off. For one thing, it’s slow: if you’re serving pancakes out of the back of a truck, it’s a 1-minute turn-around per customer engagement. Naps, though? Could be ten minutes, could be an hour. It’s also unpredictable: people do weird stuff in their sleep and they don’t like to be woken up. Plus, since most activations happen in high-energy public areas, you’re working against the natural rhythm of the environment and the day. Considering all those potential problems, rolling out a nap-based activation is a pretty ballsy endeavor.

That said, done right, it can be very well-received. Examples? Here’s five:

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No Worries Motel

If anyone oughta be doing nap-based promo, it’s AirBnB. Teaming up with Fosters in Finland for the Provinssi Music Festival, they launched the No Worries Motel, a two-bed crash pad built into a shipping container and located inside the festival area with views of the stage. Check out the listing, it’s still online.

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Van Gogh Bedroom

The No Worries Motel wasn’t the first time AirBnB jumped under those covers. In 2013, they teamed up with the Art Institute of Chicago’s Van Gogh exhibit to create a live, rent-able replica of Van Gogh’s own painting of his small starving-artist apartment. The walls, doors and furnishings are stroked with paint in Van Gogh’s signature style. (Photo via AirBnB)


To promote the launch of their new flat white, London coffee chain Gregg’s launched outdoor Napuccino pods, where customers could get a few minutes of midday shut-eye. “Drinking a cup of coffee followed by a 20-minute power nap is the best way to reduce daytime slump,” claims the campaign.

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Nap Cafe

Breakfast in bed? Yes please. IKEA launched a pop-up promotion serving brekkies to Londoners while they lounged between the sheets. The Wall Street Journal:

Starting later this month, IKEA is opening a pop-up cafe in London’s trendy Shoreditch area, serving “traditional Swedish breakfasts and offering siestas in a range of their most comfortable beds,” the company said. People can book a bed for a 45-minute slot 7 a.m. and noon to “relax in a single or double bed where they will be served by specially trained waiting staff and sleep specialists,” IKEA said. Then, from noon to 3 p.m., the beds will be available for naps.

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Nap Pods

Breathe Right nasal strips partnered with experiential agency Blammo to create the Breathe Right Pod Hotel, offering busy Canadians a free 20-minute power nap.

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