Picspiration for your next Event: Photo Booths with a Twist

Picspiration for your next Event: Photo Booths with a Twist

Pics or it didn’t happen. I think we’re all familiar with the basic Instagram photo booth deal by now (and if you’re not, check out Instaprint, a killer suite of Instagram-enabled tools for events). But how about kicking it up a notch? Here’s some ideas:

Event Production Blog: Interesting Photo Booths for Your Next Event

Light Painting Photo Booths

“The Light Experience is an interactive art experience using light as the medium. With The Light Experience everyone at your party or event can get creative! … Our team of light painting artist will create custom light packages including light colors and textures consistent with your brand or event. The Light Experience team will even create custom light logos with your company, band, or event branding graphics.”


The world’s most hipsterrific two-person nightclub – in Berlin, naturally – doubles as a photo booth. This, from Trendhunter: “Once an interested party enters the Teledisko, they are able to select their favorite song on a touchscreen and dance like no one is watching during the time in the booth. Currently, there are three Teledisko’s located across the Berlin area. The first two are permanently installed in venues for you and your friends to find on their own, while the third is mobile and available for event bookings.”


Shootbooth hearkens back to a time when everything was just a little more fabulous. “As soon as you step in front of our 101 year-old bellows camera, perched atop a turn-of-the-century tripod, you know something special is about to happen. the button is pushed and — pop!– the the flash goes off. wizardry on the inside of the camera lets us instantly show you all your pictures on a review monitor set into a hardwood frame, and we print your favorites.”

Event Production Blog: Unique Photo Booths for Your Next Event

Airstream Photo Booths

Oh, sorry, was the turn-of-the-20th-century bulb flash not vintage enough for you? You want more kitch? Challenge accepted. This Austin-based rental company would like you to meet Bambi Booth “… a very rare 1963 vintage Airstream ‘Bambi’ model – just 500 of these lovely silver trailers were ever made! We have restored Bambi to her former glory and she is now a really cool, vintage photo booth and decked out inside with the most modern photo booth equipment and printer on the market today! Bambi is a small single-axle Airstream and is 16 feet long and 9 feet high; and yes, she does fit indoors in some of the larger ballrooms and indoor venues!”

Event Production Blog: LED Glow Booth

LED Glow Booth

Created by Philly-based Extreme Photo Booths, the LED Glow Booth “is white and glows a solid color of your choice or rotating patterns of light.” I mean, look at it. It’s like the Aurora Borealis of on-site photography.

Event Production Blog: Animated GIF Booth

Animated GIF Booth

Created by Big Bad Booth, because one frame just isn’t good enough anymore: “Our Animated GIF Booths take 3-4 photos and combine them together to create digital animated looping awesomeness. These digitals can instantly be shared on social media with your hashtag, sent to guest’s phones via text message or email, and displayed in an instant online gallery. We add static overlays to each animated GIF so every digital photo our booth produces is a reflection of your brand.”

Thermo Booth

Sex it up, people: “The Thermobooth features a new shutter release system in which skin contact between two or more people triggers a set of processes that result in a glorious lo-fi instant thermal-printed picture. Yes, it takes a picture when you touch each other! We are opening a stage for playfulness and the unexpected.”

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