Fuck Yes, Festival Artwork: More Pretty Event Collateral

Fuck Yes, Festival Artwork: More Pretty Event Collateral

Every six months or so we hand-pick the loveliest examples of large-scale event branding from some of the most talented designers and agencies in the world. This time around, we’re focusing on the festival circuit.


Tallinn Music Week 2015

What the hell is going on in Estonia? There’s a bunch of lovely collateral coming out that place. I guess that’s not so weird, though. The country is floating somewhere in between Germany and Scandinavia. They probably teach toddlers Swiss design techniques at gunpoint. Anyway, this great collateral set was created by Aku Studio, who approached the project from a multidisciplinary perspective, using wood cut-outs, photography, and digital design together to create each piece.

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Eye La Festival

Sergi Delgado specializes in eye-melting designs. Asked to imagine a mural for Barcelona’s La Festival, Sergi created a 250cmx250cm image that “represents a new look at the world of wine. A fresh look in order to bring freshness to a sector that at first glance may seem complex, but seen [up close], [is as] friendly and fun as the drops that make up this eye.”

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Panama Plus Festival

Panama Plus is a yearly festival focusing on alternative culture, particularly via music, prose and cinematography. This year’s branding, created by Moby Digg out of Munich, uses color to underscore the festival’s vibrant spirit.


Spring Festival Poster Series

Hello, France. This is the kind of cohesive branding you get when your festival sticks with a single agency over the years, and that agency knows what they’re doing. “For 4 years, we’ve been eating poppies ! And we do it with a great pleasure each new season. Since its creation 20 years ago, the poppy has become the harbinger of the Printemps de Pérouges (« Spring of Pérouges »), an eclectic music festival. Originally coming from an old partnership with the « flower by Kenzo » fragrance, the poppy stayed and blossomed year after year. Since 2012, we’ve been paper gardeners : a paper fruit salad in 2014, a teeming jungle in 2015… And for the 20th anniversary of the Festival in 2016, we imagined an explosive gift package!”




WOW Awards Asia

We couldn’t decide on a single picture here, because it’s not really the visual designs from the 2015 WOW Awards that knock this project by Zaina Engineer out of the park, lovely though they are, but rather the progression of the conceptual execution. Listen to this noise:

“The WOW Awards were instituted by EVENT FAQs Media in 2008 to recognize excellence in events and experiential marketing. Over 6 editions, the platform has grown to become a celebration of innovation, evolution and unique initiatives beyond the awards themselves. … The concept emerged from an exercise of visualizing the various countries as pieces of lego or building blocks that came together to form the entire Asian sub-continent. Using the visual outcome of this exercise I could build a dynamic grid on which the identity was based.”


Present Future Film Festival

Au Chon Hin and Chon Hong Lao collaborated on this eye-vibrating modernist beauty for Japan’s Present Future Film Festival.


Spoken Word Festival

The awesome artistic brains over at Anekdote Studio in Denmark created this street-arty, eyeball-nabbing promo series.



Flow is a musical initiative of DJ Franky Rizardo that started in 2013 as a weekly radio show on SLAM!FM. The initiative has now evolved into a musical movement, with a number of stage hostings on prestigious festivals both in The Netherlands as well as abroad, like Dance Valley, Free Your Mind, Summer Festival, Amsterdam Dance Event and so on.


LEdition Festival

A nod to Avant Post for this one.

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