Good Read: “How Food is Creating a Sense of Place”

Good Read: “How Food is Creating a Sense of Place”

There’s plenty of great info out there on factors to consider when creating immersive experiences in events or activations. Lighting, spatial design, audio, emotional connection and story, all of these things matter, all contribute to the experience. But what about food?

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We just stumbled across this interesting thought in a piece from the February 2016 issue of the Moodie Report, an industry intelligence eZine focusing on travel retail, “in which we discover how airports and retailers are rising to the challenge of creating Sense of Place by providing a variety of local tastes and flavours in their food offerings. The Design Solution Founder and Director Robbie Gill believes it is through food that the true heart of a location is defined, and in the latest edition of our regular Sense of Place series he provides an overview of how a compelling food offering can enhance local identity and presents some of the very best examples from around the world.”

Airports are, in many senses, the ultimate experiential challenge. Your “attendees” are often tired or hungry or homesick, and food is indeed “a universal panacea” strongly tied to a sense of security, stability and pleasant memories. The Moodie Report will be running future editions of this column, so stay tuned for features highlighting retailers that are knocking it out of the park in this area.

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