7 Buzz-Worthy Cocktail Presentation Ideas

7 Buzz-Worthy Cocktail Presentation Ideas

Confession: this post was inspired by a Bizbash gallery that highlighted the drink service at electric utility company ComEd’s training center opening party. The caterers (The Entertaining Company) served cocktails in cups shaped like light bulbs. Cute.

Look, we’re not in the catering business. But we are in the “touches that matter” business. That extra layer of give-a-shit matters. This kind of minor wow-factor is a good return on investment: not much harder to execute than your basic Gin & Tonic, and people like taking selfies with ’em. Anyway, none of these ideas are graded on flavor, just on buzz-factor, so you’ll need to do your own taste testing before you serve these up.

Event Production Blog: Cocktail Ideas Wow-Factor

Fancy Pants Jell-O Shots

You’re never too old for… oh wait, no, you are. You are too old for Jell-O shots. Maybe if you hide them in a classy gelatin dessert? Get the recipe on Jelly Shot Test Kitchen.


Disappearing Sugar Puffs

Oh, look: there’s a martini where my cotton candy used to be.

Event Production Blog: Cocktails Gradients


Man, this is some weapons-grade visual eye candy. You can’t just pull this out whenever. Only reach for this one when you’ve gotta impress the French Ambassador and it turns out his daughter is an art director at Pantone and his wife Chloe keeps the finest nasturtium garden in Paris.


Gradients II: Coconut Lavender Lemonade

Oh, wait, his wife’s name is Violet? Got you covered.


Edible Glitter

They call this one “the Golden Girl“. I call it “The Passive Aggression” – grapefruit juice, prosecco, and a teaspoon of sparkly frustration. Maybe the cleanup crew can just lick this off the floor?


LED Ice Cubes

“These decorative LED ice cubes are battery powered and glow in several colors. They’re not only functional, but also water submersible.” $9 from the Gadget Flow.


Dry Ice

The Cookie Rookie serves up a reminder that too often, dry ice gets filed under ‘kid’s Halloween cauldron’ when it can also pull off ’30 shades of satin’ in the form of this smoking triple berry martini.

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