The Best #eventtech Tweets from January 2016

The Best #eventtech Tweets from January 2016

Virtual reality beaches, upmarket event transport services and live event streaming apps: Here’s a quick roundup of January’s most interesting #eventtech Tweets.

Brilliant Transport

In an interview with Entrepreneur Magazine, the wave-making CEO of industry up-and-comer Brilliant Transport talks about filling the upmarket, hands-on, relationship-focused void left by cheaper one-off services like Uber and Lyft. In other words, if you can’t afford a fuck up, this is who you call.

Event Manager Blog reviews EventPilot

All-in-one event production apps don’t always do a great job of supporting large-scale events. In January, Event Manager Blog took a look at Event Pilot, the new app “purpose-built for large and complex meetings”. The details are in the post, but the final verdict reads:


  • the visual calendar and schedule planning options are outstanding
  • the app is fully accessible offline
  • even the largest of events can go completely paperless


  • the app file size is bigger than other event apps to account for the offline content
  • no native version of the app for Blackberry or Windows Phone
  • if something goes wrong with a 3rd party integration people can assume it is the app itself, when it is actually an issue with the integrated tool

Using Slack for Engagement

Slack is a killer project-based productivity and collaboration webapp. If you’ve never had the pleasure, let me assure you my friends, Slack is the bomb-diggety. In this post, Event Grid covers the basic features of using Slack as an event production pro.

Congestion App

Um, yes please?

“We’ve all been there. The time comes to leave the big game, Black Friday shopping, or some other event that draws a crowd, and everyone is left shuffling their feet due to the inevitable congestion. Fujitsu wants to change that and has begun field trials on a smartphone app that gives incentives to those who would wait it out. Using an artificial intelligence-enhanced system it calls Human-Centric Zinrai, the app aims to find the best candidates for staying behind and the incentive most likely to entice them to do so.

Hunger Games Exhibition

Check out the photo gallery from this immersive, tech-heavy Hunger Games installation in Discovery Times Square.

Virtual Reality Miami

How do you make guests reluctant to leave your experiential activation? Temporarily transport them to a sunny beach in the middle of winter.

Dubbed the Virtual Voyage, Kayak developed a VR experience that transported visitors to sun-soaked Miami for a few minutes. The venue was also themed around the concept of a summer holiday, allowing guests to literally experience the sand beneath their feet as they viewed and listened to the beach.

Redifining Service in the A/V Industry

And he wants to see A/V people take a shower once in a damn while.


Periscope, periscope, periscope. Do we hear the rumblings of a new buzzword?

“The Periscope app allows anyone with a smartphone to broadcast or view a live stream. The technology to enable instant access to a global audience may be one of the most profound innovations in the event industry over the past decade. Why? Because broadcasting live events takes event marketing outreach to a new dimension.”

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