5 New Years Resolutions all Event Producers Should Make

5 New Years Resolutions all Event Producers Should Make

We tend to find that in the calorie-crash silence of post-Christmas comedown, we’re inspired to indulge in a bit of high-minded optimism. Care to join us in making some pledges as we move into 2016?

Event Production Blog: Healthy Stress Management for Event Planners

I will practice healthy stress management

When Forbes released their 2015 list of most stressful careers, “fire fighter” understandably took the number one spot. You know what came in at number 8? Yup. “Event Coordinator“.

As with all high-energy fields requiring consistent perfection and snappy responses to a constant parade of minor crises, burnout is common in the event management industry (Not sure if you’re at risk for burnout? This little quiz from Mindtools.com will give you a hint.
). Let your stress levels get too high for too long, and you might start thinking about a nice, relaxing career running in and out of flaming buildings. And burnout isn’t the only ramification of poor stress management: where anxiety goes, illness and aging follow.

This year, make a pledge to take time out to take care of yourself. Meditate. Cook lasagna. Do headstands in your underwear. Whatever it is that keeps you grounded; make the time to do it.

I will try some cutting-edge event tech

We’ve been watching the slow emergence of high-tech in the special event industry for the last 10 years, but in 2015, many of those theoretical, clunky or costly technologies have finally become affordable reality. Arial video via drone, facial recognition checkin, virtual reality engagement via Occulus Rift, facade mapping, and many other once speculative magics have become startlingly common.

As an event producer, it’s easy to get stuck in a technological rut. As budgets get smaller and deadlines get shorter with each passing year, it seems easier to stick with an older, more familiar approach than to slog through all the process re-structuring, testing and potential for failure that a first-time implementation requires. On the other hand, you know in the quiet recesses of your heart that if you don’t get on board with the revolution, you’ll look up in ten years to find that the industry has passed you by.

This year, bite the bullet and get out there in front of emerging technologies.

I will make my events more sustainable

Green events have been a talking point for the last couple of years, but sustainable event planning practices are still a long way from being commonplace. If you haven’t done all you can to keep your events environmentally-friendly, or you’re not sure where to start, check out this getting started guide to sustainable events from Johns Hopkins.

This year, turn your eye towards lowering the environmental impact of your events.

I will form more partnerships

The 2016 Event Planner Forecast from Special Events Blog notes that in 2016, 51% of event professionals will be looking to form partnerships with like-minded businesses in order to improve their service offerings. That means more opportunities for you to team up with talented folks who can help strengthen any weaknesses in your team and provide your clients with the best possible outcomes.

This year, reach out to your community and form lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships.

In 2016, I will get out there and kick some keister

Above all else, this year, continue to succeed! We wish you a 2016 full of exciting opportunities and realized dreams.

Happy New Year!

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