Christmas Lighting Inspiration for A/V Nerds: Projection Mapping & Interactive LEDs

Christmas Lighting Inspiration for A/V Nerds: Projection Mapping & Interactive LEDs

Got Christmas on the brain? We’ve collected up a few of the coolest videos from this year’s Christmas displays. We got yer home facade mapping, yer interactive lights, and some good ol’ traditional holiday light shows that’ll blow your mind.

Houses in Serial

This home run by Brian McNamara from Gilbert, Arizona, synced up LED systems across six adjacent houses, and included its own radio station. Day-amn.

“Sixty-eight neighbors — half of them kids — spread across 13 houses and started building the display Sept. 17, and finished it exactly one month later. ABC crews spent five days filming in Gilbert and relied on handy-cam footage to fill out the rest. The end result was a display consisting of more than 500 circuits, 110,000 lights, 285 strobe lights, and over 50,000 feet of wire. The roughly 10-minute display show is set to four songs, which visitors can listen to on 93.9 FM as they drive or walk through.

Interactive Facade Mapping Christmas Tree

Props, Mariachi Events and Palnoise, this tree is made from a list of Decibel’s favorite keywords. On display this year in Dubai, the tree’s program includes an automated program followed by a participatory segement. In other words, once the projection is done playing, guests can grab their iPads and decorate the tree themselves, adding leaves, snowflakes, and other virtual baubles.

SAKS Fifth Ave.

Nobody does class like SAKS. This display is up at Rockafeller Center in New York.

Melbourne Town Hall

Created by large-scale projection pros The Electric Canvas, the Melbourne Town Hall Christmas projections were in top form this year, following a city-wide initiative to sink some extra cash into the community Christmas spirit. The result was pretty rad.

O Light Divine

This one’s actually from 2012, but it’s cool enough to deserve a repeat. Designed by David Barshow, the interactive app-driven light display was up in Menlo Park, California. Visitors could install the O Light Divine app, adjust the light settings, and enjoy.

Let it Go

This monument to ice queens, created by the Larsen Family and made from around 1,000,000 LEDs, enjoyed a nod on ABC’s “Great Christmas Light Fight“, and for good reason.

The Force Awakens

Not that we blame them, but someone in Pittsburgh was mad excited about Star Wars Episode 7.

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