Don’t Be a Turkey: Four Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable Thanksgiving Party

Don’t Be a Turkey: Four Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable Thanksgiving Party

There’s no better holiday for collecting a little feel-good karma than Thanksgiving. No matter what your background or beliefs about Starbucks’ new holiday cup, Thanksgiving offers something we can all get behind: stuffing our faces until we can’t move. Capitalize on all that good will with a Thanksgiving event that is sure to rock people’s worlds while reminding them that there are still new innovations that can be brought to Turkey Day.

Event Production Blog: Thanksgiving Party Tips 2015

Go Au Naturel… with Your Decor

As a holiday designed to mark the bounty of harvest (in addition to probably apocryphal celebrations between the Pilgrims and the early Native Americans), Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to make the most of your natural surroundings. Bring the great outdoors in with DIY table settings and decorations based around warm colors and seasonal flourishes. From mini-pumpkin bowls to wheat stalk bouquets, from autumn-leaf candle holders to pinecone place card holders, natural adornments offer a classic and classy way to celebrate the changing seasons.

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Present New Spins on Classic Bites

While everyone has their own quirky traditions on Thanksgiving – roasted turducken, that weird sweet-potato-marshmallow thing, Jones Soda’s monstrous Green Bean Casserole soda – most people are satisfied to stick to the tried-and-true turkey/stuffing/sides formula. This means two things for your event: 1) You should stick loosely to the classics without 2) trying to compete with homespun favorites (catered stuffing will never taste like mom’s). So what’s the answer? Go for innovative canapés that present a new twist on old Thanksgiving favorites. For example, what about these spiced turkey tartlets, courtesy of The Tiffin Box, or butternut squash croquettes from Chicago caterers George Jewell? Small bites like this are sure to pique people’s interest, without filling them up ahead of the big day.

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Make Thankfulness Interactive

No one likes Forced Sharing Time, but what people do like is remembering their blessings. Give people the option to do just that with luminary bags. Simply place paper bags by every place setting and allow people to write down what they’re thankful for. The bags are then incorporated into a luminaria display, for a simple but lovely expression of Thanksgiving’s meaning.

Event Production Blog: Thanksgiving Party Ideas 2015

Go Green with Doggy Bags

There was a time when it was considered gauche to bring home extra food in doggy bags – but no more. Show that you value an eco-friendly lifestyle (not to mention people’s desire for late-night munchies) by setting up a leftovers station for unfinished food at the end of the night. Turn this into part of the event’s curation by having your staff pack up well-balanced leftovers into specially labeled containers, giving people a beautiful package to take home.

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