Mobile (Road Show) Marketing Trends of 2015: Ideas & Inspiration

Mobile (Road Show) Marketing Trends of 2015: Ideas & Inspiration

The Kenzo Fashion Bus

Event Production Blog: Experiential Marketing Fashion Trends

Kenzo, who’s marketing department are quickly proving themselves masters of experiential fashion, show off their hottest print of the season on the exterior of the Kenzo Fashion Bus.

The lower deck features a Kenzo fashion showroom where new SS15 runway collection and accessories are out on display, and available for exclusive pre-order for fashion bus passengers only. Whilst the upper deck plays host to the Kenzo lounge where refreshments are served up. (Buro 24/7)

Holiday Inn Pancake Selfies Bus

Narcissism and breakfast: two of our favorite things. Decibel was honored to work on the Doubletree by Hilton Cookie Careavan tour a couple of years ago, and we’re twice pleased to tip the hat at the new Holiday Inn’s innovative pancake selfie bus. Take a photo, and get your face printed on a pancake. And then eat the pancake, because Freud.

Volkswagon Truck Tracker

Event Production Blog: Mobile Roadshows

Volkswagon took a clever approach to promoting its new truck tracker: glow-in-the-dark truck wraps. From Trendhunter:

Volkswagen’s Volksnet truck tracker system is extremely valuable for truckers, since they are often susceptible of having their cargo stolen, especially as they sleep. In order to get the word out about this truck tracking system, the São Paulo-based agency AlmapBBDO sent out a unique truck to deliver an advertisement rather than cargo.

A standard cargo truck was set up with a phosphorescent wrap that became illuminated and ever-visible, even in the black of night. Simple bold text was used to reiterate that cargo will never disappear. With the Volksnet Glowing Cargo, the truck was driven up major roads in São Paulo, serving as a way to show that your very precious cargo will never be out of sight. The ad is simple and extremely clear, since the trucks themselves serve as the messenger.

Samsung Safety Truck

Speaking of using trucks in ways other than intended, take a gander at the Samsung Safety Truck, which uses a mounted Samsung TV screen to help drivers conquer the frustrating visibility issues created by driving behind a massive carriage.

Air France Food Truck

Giving out samples of airline food to folks on the ground is risky. Unless, that is, you’re Air France, you have a Michelin star chef creating the meals, and you’re dead sure you’ve got a solid product. According to Airline Trends:

Items on the menu included Pain au Chocolat for breakfast, cucumber and smoked salmon brochette (lunch), French Shepherd’s Pie with duck confit (dinner) and assorted French macarons and petits fours as a dessert.Parked in one location per day, the Air France food truck could be found at respectively Rockefeller Center, Union Square, SoHo/Broadway and Wall Street.

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