Event Theme Design Inspiration: Stained Glass

Event Theme Design Inspiration: Stained Glass

This week, we’re inspired by the incorporation of stained glass into spacial and event designs. The design world went pretty single-color for a while there, but we’re seeing (and loving) a lean back towards more vibrant, daring palettes. We’ve collected a little mood board of beautiful images with inspiring prismatic decor.

Event Production Blog: Stained Glass Event Theme

Monumenta 2012

One of Paris’ most expansive art events, Monumenta is an annual exhibition that challenges artists to execute their vision on the grounds of the 145,000 square-foot Grand Palais. The chosen artist for 2012, Daniel Buren, created a gorgeous stained-glass landscape, reflecting the light of the building’s dome skyward.

Event Production Blog: Stained Glass Event Design Inspiration

Tom Fruin’s Stained Glass House (via Colossal)

Art blog Colossal featured this October, 2014 work by installation artist Tom Fruin, who created a plexiglass house as part of a performance installation under Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

Sugar House

A similar project to Fruin’s was undertaken by artist William Lamson, who created a solarium using panels of melted sugar.

Event Production Blog: Stained Glas Design Inspiration

Standalone Window Backdrops

We don’t do a ton of weddings around here, but this gem from Southerweddings.com is worth the deviation. We could see these standalone windows in use for both outdoor or indoor spaces.

Event Production Blog: Stained Glass Window Inspiration Event Spacial Design

The Glory Window

From Wikipedia: “The most prominent and recognizable feature of Thanks-Giving Square [in Dallas, Texas] is the Chapel of Thanksgiving , a small, spiral tower that features an enclave for prayerful thanks. The entrance to the chapel is at the end of a 125-foot (38 m) bridge that runs over a cascading waterfall. Inside the chapel, the spiral is topped with stained glass “Glory Window”, one of largest horizontally mounted stained-glass pieces in the world. The window was designed by Gabriel Loire of Chartres, France to feature brighter colors as the spiral reached its apex, becoming brighter as it reaches the center.”

Event Production Blog: Mirror Theme Event Design

The Mirror Woman (pic via Buzzfeed)

From Juxtapoz: “South Korean-born artist Kimsooja has had a long, intense career full of installations, performances, photography, videos and site-specific project. This particular installation from 2006 is at the Palace de Cristal in Madrid. Exploiting the structure of the building while also leaving it intact, Kimsooja installed a mirror on the floor to multiply and unify the original architectural space. A translucent diffraction grating film also covers the glazed dome and wall of the crystal palace. Awesome.”

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