[Heads up] UK’s Event Organizers Summit is Coming Sept 7 & 8

[Heads up] UK’s Event Organizers Summit is Coming Sept 7 & 8

The UK isn’t our typical stomping grounds, but the upcoming Event Organizer’s Summit, produced by Forum Events and scheduled to be held at the Hilton London Wembley, caught our eye. What’s different about about this industry pow-wow? No-BS decision-making, that’s what.

The Event Organisers Summit brings together reputable suppliers and Corporate Event Organisers who want to find inspirational and innovative ideas for their future events. The Summit is the ultimate hassle-free, no-time wasting platform for executives, managers, directors and buyers who are directly responsible for the purchase of their organisation’s event organizing products and services to create new business relationships with key suppliers for the event industry.

A get-‘er-done get-together where attendees are screened for their ability to sign that contract? Yes, please.

Hey, we love multi-day, everyone’s-invited, three-speaker-tracks event industry conferences, we do. It’s a nice way to get energized and keep a toe in the wider stream. But a high-impact, business-focused environment where every minute is maximized is a very welcome counterpoint if you’re short on time (aren’t we all?) and looking to expand your supplier list.

Plus, tickets are free for delegates. If you’re in the UK, do follow these guys on Twitter and reserve your place.

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