Four Moments of Zen All Event Production Pros Have Experienced

Four Moments of Zen All Event Production Pros Have Experienced

There’s more than one kind of zen, grasshopper. And in an industry with such a strong penchant for tossing up curve balls and all-nighters, where there are such extreme alternating periods of high-energy intensity and then low-energy, we glimpse those moments of nirvana perhaps more often than most.

Psychedelic Exhaustion

You haven’t slept in 39 hours. Something fell through at the last minute and you had to pull an all-nighter. You’re on your sixth double espresso (you think) with at least seven more hours to go before you can crash. Your vision is swimming in a yellow-y, blasted out haze and you feel like you’re having an out-of-body experience. Looking back later, you’re not sure how you continued to function, but you did, and you got ‘er done.

The Calm Before the Storm

The sun’s coming up, the name cards are going on the tables and the final A/V checks are running smoothly. The attendees are about to arrive, but before the doors open and the day gets rolling, there’s a moment of quiet where you stop, sip your cuppa, and appreciate the culmination of several months of preparation.

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It’s Out of my Hands

You’ve ticked every box, but sometimes, the unpredictable happens. The weather channel announces an incoming blizzard, or someone central to the project falls ill. These times remind us that in some things, all we can do is offer up our best response to circumstances that are ultimately out of our control.

The Productive Groove

You’ve hit your stride, Neo. Your hands are moving faster and more fluidly than spacetime would seem to allow and you’re not even trying. You glance at to-do items and they fall off your list. Obstacles melt before you, solutions to the impossible spring into being effortlessly. The Dao De Jing calls this wuwei, or “Non-Action”, the state of perfect energy expenditure, where your lightest touches have the most profound effects. These are the moments you remember why you’ve found your calling.

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