Three of the Most Unique Expos Happening in Vegas This Fall

Three of the Most Unique Expos Happening in Vegas This Fall

Click your heels and say it with us: “there’s no place like Vegas”, a playground of shwag bags and call girls that plays host to some of the most hilariously specific events in the world.

Event Planning Blog: Unique Events in Vegas Fall 2015

The Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Gift Show

These people are avant garde event planning geniuses. This event is like, a miniature Vegas inside of actual Vegas, an endless expo floor of souvenirs in the mecca of souvenirs. There’s gonna be customized bracelets and personalized picture frames for miles. There’s gonna be custom-printed sports jerseys and little baskets of eco-friendly soap. There’s gonna be shwag bags of souvenirs OF the souvenirs.

Event Production Blog: Unique Events in Vegas Fall 2015

International Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigator’s Association Conference

Looking to lock up some hog-riding hooligans? There’s an association for that. The IOMGIA holds their annual get-together September 13-18 this year, celebrating 41 years of putting mustachio’d bad boys behind bars. Sorry: not just anybody can go: “Only sworn law enforcement officers, law enforcement agency personnel with specific analytical investigative functions or prosecutors with valid identification will be allowed to register for the conference.”

Event Management Blog: Unique Events in Vegas Fall 2015

Mr. Olympia 2015

First held in New York in 1965, Mr. Olympia is ground zero for watching greased-up bohunks lift heavy things and punch each other. With kettlebell, boxing, and jiu jitsu competitions rounding out the more traditional body-building segment, the event is more fitness-focused than it was half a century ago. Snag a ticket and find out if reigning champion Phil Heath can hang on to his title.

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