Event Tech Heads Up: New Eventbrite Features for WordPress

Event Tech Heads Up: New Eventbrite Features for WordPress

Ooh, new event tech. We recently got wind that Eventbrite has increased its compatibility and integration with both WordPress.com and self-hosted sites using WordPress.org, which is super exciting considering the number of event professionals that use Eventbrite as a ticket sales platform and need to deploy sites quickly.

A quick reminder for those of you who aren’t super plugged in to the world of WordPressery: WordPress.com is the fully hosted version of WordPress, while WordPress.org is the self-hosted, get-your-hands-dirty, DIY version. Still don’t get it? This chart illustrates the difference.

About the Eventbrite upgrades for WordPress.com:

“Previously … there were only a couple of themes that could be connected with Eventbrite, limiting what you were capable of doing with events on your site. That has all changed now! WordPress.com has just launched a new feature that lets you connect to Eventbrite using any theme you want. It’s just as easy to connect your site to Eventbrite as it is to Facebook or Twitter by using Publicize.”

This is huge news: it means WordPress.com users are not limited by themes that are created with events in mind. Now, event data can be placed inside of any WordPress.com theme. Three cheers there.

And for self-hosted sites using WordPress.org:

Event Production Blog: Event Tech for WordPress

“You can now choose from two WordPress.org themes specifically created for Eventbrite: the Eventbrite Venue theme to promote multiple events in a calendar view or the Eventbrite Event theme to promote a single event. There are two new plugins now available for Eventbrite too. Find out more information in their Plugin Directory here and here.”

WordPress.org users are still a little bit restricted here in the sense that they must be sure to choose a theme that is known to be compatible with the Eventbrite API plugin if they want to be able to use all of the new features and functions. Here’s the list of WordPress themes that are officially compatible:

Happy event tech-ing!

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