Music Festival Month: Underground and Sustainable at Gottwood 2015

Music Festival Month: Underground and Sustainable at Gottwood 2015

It’s Music Festival Month on the Decibel Blog, and today we’re turning the lens on the boutique festival scene with a quick intro to Gottwood, one of the UK’s most interesting summer events. The Gottwood festival is an intimate slice of hippy-sci-future held in the forests of Wales, a woodland rave that aims for maximum sustainability.

Gottwood 2015, now in its sixth year, ran from June 11-14, and true to their underground roots, accepted no corporate sponsorship. According to an interview with one of the three Gottwood founders in the London Evening Standard:

“All seven stages and other festival outbuildings are made from materials found on site. Anything built by teams of local craftsmen will remain after the event so that it can be used by school groups or community projects, while money raised by the festival is invested in improving the area. No vehicles are allowed on site and organisers ask festival-goers to use car share schemes as much as possible. Ticket sales are kept low — to 5,000 customers, plus 1,000 crew — so as not to damage the site.”

Here’s a little overview from the organizers:

And a bit more of the vibe:

The festival is held on the Carreglwyd Estate grounds, on a wooded stretch of coastline that was named Lonely Planet’s “Greatest Region on Earth” in 2012. The estate itself has a history stretching back 400 or so years.

“Carreglwyd was built in 1634 by Dr William Griffiths. He was the Chancellor of St Asaph and Master of the Rolls to Charles the First. His grandfather, Sir William Griffiths had been the Rector of Llanfaethlu for 44 years. Charles the First gave Dr Griffiths one of the five Edward Bower copies of Van Dyke’s portrait at the time of his trial. This portrait hangs in the Dining Room of Carreglwyd today.”

The 2015 gallery hasn’t hit stands yet, but keep an eye on the Gottwood gallery page for more stunning photos of the event, like this one from photographer Roo Lewis:

Event Production Blog: Gottwood Festival

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