Music Festival Month: Video Outtakes from Bonnaroo

Music Festival Month: Video Outtakes from Bonnaroo

June is Music Festival Month on the Decibel Blog, and today we take a quick gander at the best videos from Bonnaroo. Held in Manchester, Tennessee, June 11-14, Bonnaroo is the only multi-day music festival where events and shows run 24-hours, non-stop.

First, the Stats

80,000 attendees, and a 24-hour event schedule to manage? How many acres? HOW many tons of waste? Respect.

Speakers in the Shower

What’s the worst thing about having a scrub-down at a music festival? Missing your favorite songs, natch. “But Bonnaroo is remedying the problem with pretty sophisticated shower technology, including speakers built into the shower heads that play music from festival artists. If you’re curious about the process, this is what it’s like to shower at Bonnaroo.”

Because Yes Please: Earth Wind & Fire

The silver pants, the silver pants!

The Domestic Weirdness Video Backdrop

Leave up to Belle & Sebastian to turn the weirdness factor up to twenty with a minimalist video backdrop of bizarre vintage Americana. Check it out start at 28:54:

The Dome (Again)

Hey, look, it’s electronic wonderdude Deadmau5! We were just talkin’ about this guy. The Bonnaroo videographers produced a much better video of the producer’s brand new Thunder Dome lighting cube, which debuted at the Governor’s Ball in New York only a few weeks ago. Check out this A/V madness:

Odesza Brings the Tuba-Driven Tripiness

A perfect pairing of light and sound at Odesza’s Bonnaroo set, which is almost prettier to watch than it is to listen to.

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