It Just Won’t Stop: More Killer Projection Mapping Videos

It Just Won’t Stop: More Killer Projection Mapping Videos

So, uh, we can’t stop staring at gorgeous light sculpture and projection mapping videos. It’s like getting your fortune told and finding out you’re gonna get magic powers. Our industry is already pretty fun, but now that this kind of stuff is moving from “experimental” to “mainstream”, A/V and production design is about to go spare. Join us while we ogle the future and applaud the architects that are making it happen:

The Skrillex Cell

Yes, hunty, yes! A deep bow to the particle artists over at V Squared Labs, who created this intense live-robot-DJ-booth-thing for the Skrillex Mothership Tour. They say, “The Skrillex Cell is a multidisciplinary touring production that mixes 3D projection mapping and real-time motion capture for live performance. Collaborating closely with Production Club, Phil Reyneri, Leviathan, and Blood Company, the V Squared team helped bring the Skrillex Cell to life. V Squared Labs created custom animation for real-time projection mapping and generative, audio-reactive effects using elements of the proprietary V Squared Labs Epic 3D mapping video server.”

Student Projects in Creative Media

Tobias Gremmeler, Visiting Associate Professor at the School of Creative Media in Hong Kong and researcher of new media, showcases some incredible student work over on Vimeo and his personal site. He combines light and media installations with what he calls “kinetic sculptures”, which are… actually, we’ll let the expert explain:

“A Kinetic Sculpture is a physical object that contains moving parts, driven by electronic motors or other forces. Its motion behaviour can be controlled by a software sequencer or input sensors. When using sensors, the objects motion is reacting interactively to its environment. Thus, the movement is triggered by gestures, sounds or other processible impulses and data. Furthermore, a Kinetic Sculpture can produce sound similar to mechanical music or is able to dance a certain choreography.”

Real-time Projection Mapping in 3D

ROM is a lab that explores the “boundaries between art and technology”. In this look behind the curtain, ROM shows off a simple interactive projection mapping technique that we think will form the basis for a throng of new approaches to experience design.

Aquaszenarium Krimml

“The Aquaszenarium is the interactive heart of Krimml’s Waterfall Center, located at the base of Europe’s highest Waterfalls. The installation features a fully interactive 3D projection, immersing the visitors in magically transforming water worlds. Floor as well as walls are multi-touch sensitive, allowing the visitor to dive directly into the scene, interacting with artificial lifeforms and playing with water particles.”


My personal favorite (and naturally, also German), this interactive light sculpture by mayer+empl responds to sound.

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