Music Festival Month: the Deadmau5 Dome at New York Governor’s Ball

Music Festival Month: the Deadmau5 Dome at New York Governor’s Ball

Hey hey, it’s Music Festival Month on the Backstage Pass blog, and today we take a look at the biggest stage-design goss from the 2015 Governers Ball, namely, the debut of Deadmau5’s new “Thunder Dome”. Canadian electronic producer Deadmau5 is well known for his audio-visual gymnastics, and the Thunderdome’s first live set was highly anticipated, so it was a bit of a disappointment when technical difficulties dogged the first few. Deadmau5 tweeted,

“Rehearse all you want, you’re still at the mercy at the fuckup who doesn’t know how 3 phase power works. Lol. Amazing recovery tho!”

But all good things to those who wait: when the dome did get rolling, it was all the LED insanity you might expect from a collaboration of greats. The dome was created by killer lighting designer Leroy Bennett, a twenty-year veteran of the industry who’s worked with everyone from Lady Gaga to Prince.

From The Village Voice:

“After the technical issue was resolved, the geodesic dome split open horizontally, and the smaller dome that contained Deadmau5 opened vertically, like a hatch. This allowed Deadmau5 to lord over the proceedings, but before these Russian nesting dolls of neon geometry unpacked themselves, the structure’s effect was almost eerie. Because Deadmau5 was hard to discern within it — and especially because it continued to light up after the audio cut out — the setup seemed to have a life of its own, existing autonomously as a pulsating electronic organism that had more agency over what was transpiring onstage than Deadmau5 himself.”

Hot diggety, that’s some description. Brace for sonic assault:

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