It’s Still Awesome: Five More Videos of Outdoor Facade Mapping

It’s Still Awesome: Five More Videos of Outdoor Facade Mapping

One of these days, we’ll get over how awesome facade mapping is, but that day is not today.

Getty Museum, Los Angeles

“For the launch of Pacific Standard Time at the Getty Center, Megavision Arts was tasked by producer Ben Bourgeois with designing a multi-media immersive experience that was projection-mapped onto five of the buildings. Incorporating artists’ works from over seventy Southern California institutions, the visual experience, synchronized with music and narration, illustrated the History of Art in LA: 1945 to 1980.”

Grand Palais, Paris

Holy artspeak, Batman. Created by the abstract minds at teamLeab, “The waterfall video art work is created in 3D space and uses what we consider to be the logic structure of spatial recognition of our Japanese Ancestors.”

Parr Hall, UK

Made by the emerging technology gurus at Draw & Code, this “projection mapping project featured Parr Hall, Warrington’s top venue nestled in its historic quarter. With the help of local students, who provided the themes for the animation and its soundtrack too, we took the audience on a journey from Warrington’s Roman roots through the literature of Lewis Carroll through the world wars and onto today.”

Lakeview East, Chicago

Created by DCBolt Productions for the Lakeview East Festival of the Arts, this work was projected onto the Lakeview Athletic Club building facade to commemmorate the festival’s 10th anniversary.


This one’s kind of a mish-mash: the motion design guys over at NOVAK have put together a showreel of their recent projection mapping work, and it’s worth a serious gander.

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