Six Examples of Brands Using Augmented Reality in Experiential Marketing

Six Examples of Brands Using Augmented Reality in Experiential Marketing

It’s been all over the brand activation net since the release of the Oculus Rift: brands are diving into cutting-edge marketing via virtual reality headsets. Here are a few kick-arse (and in some cases, very experimental) example videos showcasing the new headset’s potential uses in marketing scenarios.

British Airways

Brilliant: British Airways hit the streets in cities around Europe to get potential travelers excited about visiting the USA in a “try before you buy” kind of campaign via virtual reality America tours of the airline’s US destinations.


Electronics heavy-hitters SIEMENS called on virtual reality art and development team Masters of Pie to “to produce a fully immersive virtual reality experience for the Euroblech tradeshow in Hannover, Germany”. They go on to explain:

“We had the task of explaining complex, invisible processes of Siemens Metal Forming Engineering products, so we took some inspiration from Tony Stark style holography to better showcase the products. We also attached a “buttkicker” vibration device to make the chair vibrate and add to the experience of presence and immersion.”

Sleepy Hollow

Created by Secret Location created an experience to promote FOX’s supernatural show, Sleepy Hollow.

“Using the Oculus Rift VR technology combined with a 3D shoot, top quality CGI graphics, 360º sound, and a compelling story, Secret Location transported users to the world of Sleepy Hollow, giving them a truly unique and memorable Live experience.”


One way to make sure people remember you? Scare the living daylights of them. The adventure clothing and gear merchants at Merrell created an edgy augmented reality experience called Merrell TrailScape in which “hikers” took their chances walking on dangerous trails.

Mountain Dew

The guys over at agency firstborn created a VR experience for Mountain Dew, allowing fans to skateboard with their favorite extreme sports idols.


Why even get in a car to test drive one? “Using the very latest DK2 OR headsets, consumers are able to virtually experience the car via an immersive and interactive car configurator, allowing users to create their own NX by selecting from a range of features.”

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