Heads up: Pixmob Makes Events All Twinkly

Heads up: Pixmob Makes Events All Twinkly

Well, February sure turned into a month of event tech spotlights on the Decibel blog, so rounding out that theme, we’ve got a nifty piece of lighting technology that caught our eye. Take a gander at Pixmob, a company whose sole purpose in this world is to make events sparkle. And really, who couldn’t use a little more sparkle?

Pixmob specializes in creating LED products which are designed to sync with live music (didn’t we just say that LEDs are the future of event production?), and which can be deployed at the largest scale. Their existing products consist of translucent, RFID-enabled wristbands, PixMob brandable ballsthat “engage fans who bounce them around in a crowd”, pendants, beads, and our personal favorite, Helicos, which, “like a swarm of fireflies… gracefully descend into an audience creating immersive visuals.” Check this out:

The Tech

For a back-of-the-house look at the technology that drives the products, A/V nerds might be interested in checking out the details behind the tech, which details the different ways the lighted products can be controlled – either via impact or wireless controls. They can also be set to display video as opposed to basic light.

More Eye-Candy

Kinda can’t stop watching these – love the engagement!

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