Compassionate Events: Enable Passive Attendee Donations with Checkin for Good

Compassionate Events: Enable Passive Attendee Donations with Checkin for Good

We just stumbled across this, found it inspirational, and we think it deserves some attention: One of the event industry buzzwords in 2014 was definitely “sustainable events”, and we saw a lot of great blog articles and innovative guides on how the we can better plan to cut down waste and protect the environment. But green isn’t the only way to compassionate event planning, and we wanted to highlight another way that event managers can give back, called Check-in for Good.


So, what is it?

Check-in for Good is a Foursquare-esque mobile platform that facilitates small donations. Users download the app, and then, and we’re quoting here, “Every time a patron checks-in on their smartphone, the participating business makes a donation to the cause they are supporting.”

How does that Apply to Event Managers?

While the language on the Check-in for Good website is targeted at businesses, the platform isn’t limited to that use. Event managers first drum up some support, asking a client or event sponsors to pledge a certain amount of money for every user check-in. During app set-up, event managers can set the times and locations that attendees can check in, and apply to make their event a Check-in For Good Donation Hotspot. When attendees arrive on the day of, event collateral would urge them to download the app and complete the check-in, and a small sum would go to your charity (or charities) of choice. Enough checkins, and those small sums can add up to big help for struggling NGOs.

You can also set a maximum limit or target on donations, ensuring that backers don’t spend more than they’re willing to throw in.


Don’t get Pigeonholed

During the set-up process, event managers are offered the option to choose which causes the event will support – one or many. Choose a single cause that aligns with your event’s message, or you can spread the love around for more a more cross-issue approach.


You can build special offers into the app, so that attendees are rewarded for checking in at your event. For example, you might offer checked-in attendees a discount on their ticket at the registration window.

Sharing = Caring = Buzz

Whenever an attendee checks in via the app, they have the option to share their check-in (and thus, their donation) on a range of social networks, generating buzz for the event and the charity both.

As far as we see it, this is a win-win for everyone involved, and if you’ve got willing backers, we recommend giving this a go!

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