Keeping Warm: 4 Neat Ways to Incorporate Fire into Your Event

Keeping Warm: 4 Neat Ways to Incorporate Fire into Your Event

It’s hard to lure attendees out of doors once the February chill sets in, but the promise of a roaring fire might galvanize your audience to bundle up and get outdoors. Here are a few ideas for (safely) incorporating fire into your next event.

Safety first, kiddos

There’s the snuggly warmth of a toasty bonfire, and then there’s the raging inferno of horror as you stare at the pile of rubble where your venue used to be, bracing for the influx of lawsuits. If flames are in any way part of your event, cross all your t’s: Ensure that your event location is up to code, that fire extinguishers are readily available, fire exits clearly marked, and that there aren’t any combustibles around. You may also need a permit – do feel free to contact Decibel if you need help with those arrangements.

Fire Dancers for Hire

Fire-based acts, like world-famous Flambeaux, can really turn up the heat. Headquartered in New York, Flambeaux gets booked by A-List clients like IBM and Heidi Klum, and their act is a mix of acrobatics, dance, fire-breathing, and fire-eating. Being among the world’s best may put Flambeux out of your price range, but most major cities have a few fire performance troops available for hire.


Fire pits

Fire pits can be a real hazard, and they can severely limit available venues. There is, however, such a thing as an electric fire pit, like this rental unit from Talk of the Town:


Fire Writing

Professional pyros like Lancework, Add Fire Inc. and similar vendors can render words, images, or any logo in sparkling flames, as a stand-alone piece or as a great complement to a traditional fireworks display.

Fire Logos: Event Manager Tricks

Fire-Themed Venues

Hold your event in an old fire station, at a fire museum, or other fire-themed venue. The Aurora Regional Fire Museum in Illinois, for example, is open for meetings and event rentals, and includes an indoor theater. Many cities, like Houston and New York, have similar facilities.

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