The Future of Event Production: the Wearable Tech Revolution

The Future of Event Production: the Wearable Tech Revolution

In mid-December 2014, Eventbase Technology introduced the world’s first XING EVENTS wearable smartwatch ticket at the LeWeb conference.

According to the release on Event Industry News, “Powered by Eventbase and integrated with the XING EVENTS registration system, the official LeWeb mobile app could be paired with an Android Wear smart watch to display a user’s credentials. That attendee could then have their watch scanned to access a building, without ever taking their smartphone from their pocket or showing a printed badge.”

Event Planning Blog: Wearable Technology for Event Organizers

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I don’t need to tell you that this is just the beginning in terms of event-ready on-body tech: the wearables well has barely been plumbed, and it’s not hard to imagine the potential uses. Jessica Levin, president and chief connector at Seven Degrees Communications who visited the Wearable Tech Expo, had this to say in her Cvent blog post about events and wearable technology: “So you might be wondering, how do wearables impact events? Have you ever had that awkward moment where you have to shake hands or give someone a hug with your phone/tablet in your hand? What about trying to eat lunch while holding a phone? How many smartphones are left at the lost and found at you conferences? By physically attaching technology to people, we have more flexibility with how we use them and where we take them.”

She posits a few ways that wearables could be used: “CEU tracking can be made easier by building it into an app and tracking people’s movements; Google Glass or similar tools can display speaker notes or presentation materials; Wearables could serve as microphones, making it easier to communicate verbally in large rooms; Exhibit managers can use them to better track traffic patterns; Mobile apps will be built into watches, etc., making it easier for people to use apps onsite at events.”

“Could” indeed – it’s already happening.

Google Glass Apps

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In May of 2014, Bizbash featured an article on five new Google Glass apps for events, which included, a “a web-based application for speakers and event organizers to easily engage their audience with questions, comments and polls” and Refresh, which “provides brief background information on people just a few minutes before scheduled meetings”.

You know what that means? It means that someday soon, you may need a Google Glass app developer on your digital event team to meet attendee need.

Wearable Smart Wristbands

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By now, most people have heard of health and exercise-focused bio bracelets that track heart rate, calories burned and steps taken, and yes, the Nabu Razer does all these things, but it’s also primed for the trade show floor. It alerts you to incoming calls and emails without forcing you to dig around for your phone, exchanges contact information automatically when you shake someone’s hand, and boasts a whole host of other proximity and social features.

Smart Badges

Event Organizer Blog: Wearable Smart Badge

The Xfocus was developed for trade shows and conferences and “is a combination of smart badges, a mobile app and a powerful analytics platform.” Most interesting among these features: “The xFocus platform uses the latest wireless technologies to provide customers with the information they need depending on their location. Visitors receive location-based information on their smartphone or tablet as soon as they come close to a stand. It also includes indoor navigation and instant heat-mapping. Leads can be generated effectively by sending push notification to the right people at the trade show or conference.”

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