4 Weird Conferences You’ve Never Heard Of

It takes all kinds to make this wild world, and if you can imagine it, someone has already rented the Las Vegas Convention center to celebrate it. We’ve collected a list of some out-of-the-ordinary annual conferences.


Never heard of Vaping? Neither had I until some of my close friends made the decision to quit smoking the ciggies. ‘Vaping’ is a term used to describe the ‘smoking’ of products that are inhaled via water vapor rather than via burning and actual smoke: e-cigarettes and e-pipes, basically. As awareness of the dangers of cigarette smoking rises, vaping’s popularity continues to increase, and we’re seeing a ton of conventions crop up dedicated to bringing vapers together to try new products and inhalant methods: think fancy e-cigarettes, flavored and scented oils and liquids, blah blah blah. Vapemania isn’t the only Vapecon on the block, either – check out this list of all the vape expos in 2014.

PUA Superconference

You remember that scene in Magnolia where Tom Cruise is up there on stage screaming “Respect the C*ck”? Ahem. That is a real thing, and it happens in Vegas every year, except with fewer leather vests and more chest waxing. Pick-Up Artists are students of the ancient mysteries of wooing the laides, and they converge once a year at PUA for several days of, ahem, “results-oriented dating help”. Heh. “Results-oriented”.

Enjoy this exciting preview by the Venerable Adam Lyons, the “World’s #1 Pickup Artist”, at the (very similar) 21 Convention. Not even mildly SFW, people:

Florida PirateCon

Though we were sad to see that MerPalooza, a mermaid convention last held in 2013, didn’t resurface this year, we’re slightly mollified by the scheduled return of Florida’s PirateCon in 2015. Weird? Maybe, but c’mon, who doesn’t secretly really want to go to this dressed in a buccaneer’s coat and carrying a brace of pistols, huh?

Oregon Ghost Conference

And you thought ghost hunting was dead (HAR!). Get out your geiger counter and plod on over to the Oregon Ghost Conference, where attendees learn ghoul-tracking techniques, get their fortunes told, explore haunted areas and listen to hair-raising lectures. Oregon not near you? Check out this list of ghost hunting cons.