David Sonntag
22 Jan 2015

Yet Another Beautiful Conference Branding Roundup for 2015

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: great conference branding and collateral is more than just “something nice to look at”. It inspires trust and pride in your conference, gives the event a bit of gravitas, encourages attendees to share their participation, and if done well over a series of events, maintains event continuity (Ted Talks is a great example of continuity in event branding). We’ve recently come across another five examples of event branding done right, and it’s inspired another post, cuz hey, can we really ever get enough pretty, inspiring things?

SPP Conference

Event Branding Ideas: Event Collateral Design Inspiration

Look at that modernism go. This gorgeous collateral set for the S/P/P (sztuka / polityka / pieni?dze – Art / Politics / Money) Conference, designed in collaboration with four creatives, is highlighter-inspired with both structured solids and hand-drawn elements in neon yellow, as if selections were being made and circled on the fly.

Brooklyn Beta 2014

Best Event Production Washington DC Political Event Production

Because Brooklyn Beta is an event for creatives, the two core designers developed a brand based around a black and white line art mural that was colored in and added to by over 800 attendees during the conference. Elements from the mural, which was inspired by 60’s pop art, were added to all event collateral, including the website and mobile app.

Tallinn Music Week 2014

Event Production Print Design

“Starting with the idea that new, undiscovered music is like some rare animal, the design is built around a tropical plant visual, created by young painter Eleriin Ello. Somewhat unexpected pink colour and distinctive typography complete the identity, which was applied to a wide range of materials.” We’re digging the fashion-jungle theme.

Natur Conference 2015

Event Management Blog: Best Event Management Companies DC

Another monotone-and-neon brand created by San Fransisco-based Claudia Sofia Llaguno. The full set of designs includes large-scale print collateral, website concept, shirts, and more.

Brand New Conference 2014

Best Event Collateral Design Event Collateral Inspiratoin

Ooh, meta: a branded conference about branding. Skillfully made by UnderConsideration out of Austin, who says, “Because we are always obsessing about 1984 — the year, not the dystopian novel — one day our thoughts led us to the origins of the Mac, the venerable tool that allows most of us to make a living. This led to thinking about Susan Kare and her original family of fonts for the deliciously low resolution interface of the original Mac Operating System. Short of a dozen bitmap fonts, all were named after the world’s greatest cities: New York, Athens, San Francisco, Monaco, among others. And, yes, Chicago [where the conference was based].”

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