David Sonntag
26 Feb 2015

Throwback Thursday: Vintage Event Collateral – Exhibition Posters

Hey hey, it’s another Throwback Thursday, and this month, we’ve dug through the Library of Congress archives for some gorgeous retro promotional exhibit posters, some from as far back as 1878 all the way up to the mid 1940’s. We think you’ll love these as much as we do.

1878 – Balloon Rides

This poster advertises the bird’s eye view from the basket of a balloon at the 1878 World Fair in Paris.

Vintage Expo Posters: Retro Event Collateral

1895 – Lithography Centennial

A French exhibition celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the invention of lithography.

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1919 – Canadian Victory!

As WWI ground to a close, Canada celebrated their win with a victory fair that was “uncommonly picturesque, inspiring and colorful”.

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1939 – Worlds Fair

Holy pre-internet logistical nightmare, Batman! Look at this doozy: event planners for the 1939 New York World Fair had to round up 10,000 people willing to open up their homes to expo visitors.

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1939 – Police & Firemen

Another one from 1939, the Chicago, IL Police and Firemen Exhibit.


1940 – Sioux City Camera Club

Wouldn’t you love to see those photographs? The Sioux City Camera Club held their 3rd annual exhibition right at the start of WWII. And wouldn’t you know it? The SCCC is still around today.


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