David Sonntag
01 Jan 2015

Tent Rental Ideas for your Outdoor Event

I don’t have to tell you that outdoor events can get a little risky, particularly during volatile seasons: can’t no man predict the weather. But there’s more than one way to keep the rain off a party: Here are a few types of shade and sun protection that might suit your shindig.

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Before we launch into the tentspiration, let us drop a reminder: if you’re too busy to deal with tenting, you don’t need to go this alone. Decibel’s got a national vendor network of our own, and we know all the right questions to ask in terms of getting your event all tented up. Give us a call, and we’ll happily oversee all the details for ya. Okay, onwards:

Clear Tents

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Got a great view and don’t want to obscure it? Get a tent that gets out of your way. If you’re around CT or NY, Stamford Tents does gorgeous transparent structures that keep everyone dry and warm while preserving the great outdoors vibe. Their portfolio has some beautiful usages of see-through tenting, including a city skyline rooftop deployment and some lovely open-field tents with wood-paneled flooring.

Sail Cloth Peaked Tension Tents

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Get some Camelot up in that biz with peaked tension tents crafted from light-passing sail cloth. The sail cloth material is ballin’ at night, when lighting fixtures set beneath the canopy create a gentle, warming glow. This is a particular looker around dusk, so if your event is going to span nightfall, consider splurging on this approach. Sail cloth tenting is often water-proofed (though you should still double-check this one), so you can have your cake and stay dry, too.

If you’re in the northern or central GA area, hit up “Goodwin Rentals (their picture above).

Moroccan Frame Tent

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Alibaba Events specializes in nationwide rentals of Arabian-nights type tents for your Bollywood-style outdoor lounge area.

Tension Shades

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Need to cover some square meterage with minimal central supports? Sperry Fabric does some ultra-modern Berlin-architect-y stretched sun shades in a variety of shapes. From the well-covered horse’s mouth:

“The use of turnbuckles, cables, and catenary curves allow us to cover large areas with little if any center support. Those three aspects of working with tension contribute to a uniformly taut finished product. Tensile structures can be free standing or incorporated into a building’s landscape. Our tensioned covers—whether large projects like that at Williams College, or small tensioned awnings for a home patio—often use varying levels at the corner anchors which create a slight twist in the fabric.”

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