David Sonntag
04 Dec 2014

Oooh, Kudos! Decibel Wins Silver at Event Tech Awards

Shweet! This just in: Decibel and our partners took home the silver for “Best Audience Interaction” for the “Get Your Billion Back America” campaign.

Decibel partnered up with Ketchum Public Relations and M1 Interactive to create an experiential kiosk aimed at educating about potential money lost when personal taxes are done improperly. Event Marketer, who hosts the awards, explains best:

“The kiosk, which Lively describes as part-ATM machine and part-video/photo booth, is located within a 20-foot by 20-foot activation at high-traffic locations. Participants take a two-minute quiz on an interactive touch screen, answering multiple-choice questions about the campaign and what they would do with a billion dollars, then the machine spits out $10 bills, which represents their piece of the billion. The kiosk also takes their photo or a video with the cash, which they receive via email. On-site brand ambassadors answer questions about H&R Block and schedule tax preparation appointments.”

Here’s a little glimpse of the campaign:

Check out the Event Marketer site for all 2014 Event Tech Award winners.

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