David Sonntag
11 Sep 2014

Nice Ice: 6 Functional and Unique Ice Sculptures

Just when you thought the whole Princess Elsa thing was over, we dug up these awesome indoor ice sculptures sure to give you chills. Oh man. Sorry. Puns are the WORST.

PLAYSTATION Ice Sculpture from Jack Whiteley on Vimeo.

This video, produced by Jack Whitley, is an inside look into the process of creating a giant Playstation gaming controller ice sculpture. The sculpture was created by the talented folks at Glacial Art, based in Liverpool, one of the leading ice sculpture companies in the UK.

Carvers extraordinaire Brice and Brice from Alaska the use a lathe they custom-designed themselves to carve martini glasses out of ice.


LA Ice Art created this awesome paddle wheel boat that was later filled with – ta da – appetizer shrimp. Great creativity.


Something about this table-top biking ice sculpture by Indiana Ice Studio struck us as unique. It’s well-crafted and clear, but the angles and style feel modern and almost abstract. Who says ice sculptures are outdated?


Hooey, these guys are awesome: based in Baltimore, MD, Icelab does some industry-topping work. Above, a picture of one of their creations: a series of faceted ice gems mounted on strings to create a beaded ice curtain.

Event Management Blog: Creative Indoor Ice Sculpture Ideas

Neat idea by Las Vegas Ice Studio: Japanese temple ice-carving sushi server!

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