David Sonntag
08 Apr 2013

NFC Integration for Mobile Tours and Event Environments

One of the best parts of the event production and management world is getting to see cutting edge and new, emerging technologies. This is especially true when companies get together and produce a field ready unit that can be rolled into our current event mix.

As it happens, we had a great afternoon with the team from GEMATouch and Telepathic Graphics show us what they are working on in the NFC world. GEMATouch has developed a NFC circuit enclosed in a fully brandable and printable card.

This has great potential for our mobile tour clients and brands as they are looking to find new ways of engaging their audience.  It also has multiple applications for meetings, conferences and events. The programming and usage also tracks real time analytics.


Once we determine what we want the end product to be, the system is programmed, and the card printed. This can be a coupon strategy, content delivery, gaming, or any other mobile activation that the client requires. The card is branded with multiple “touch” points and placed in the activation area. From here, the attendee activation is simple,

1. A guest places their NFC enabled phone near the interactive print

2. Then they touch the desired areas of the print

3. Content is delivered instantly to the phone (no apps, cameras, QR readers or texting needed)

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One of the great and simple examples of execution is deploying these readers for a cocktail function or gala setting. In these types of events, we usually see long lines at the bar throughout the evening. We can reduce and potentially eliminate these lines by utilizing this solution.

To begin, we program the chip to select up to 5 different beverages (e.g. White Wine, Red Wine, 2 Beer selections and the specialty cocktail). At each cocktail table or low round, we place a NFC enabled phone and printed reader. As guests finish their drinks, they can use the system to order additional beverages. An iPad or other computer is set up to receive the order and the server assembles the drink order and takes it directly to their table.

There are a host of other uses, but this one easily demonstrates the idea. For a quick look at the interaction, check out the video below.

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